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Is it possible to cure arthritis?

psoriaticheskiy-artrit-1728x800_c Osteoarthritis of the joints is traditionally considered an incurable disease. And yet, if to start the treatment in time, at an early stage and to timely diagnose, it is possible to stop the destruction of bone and cartilage. And keep your joints moving.

How not to confuse the arthrosis and arthritis

Osteoarthritis — a chronic disease that affects the joints completely, with the capsule (joint capsule), the synovial membrane located inside, ligament, bone tissue and periarticular muscles. Arthritis affects only the articular cartilage.

Pain in arthrosis bothers mainly during the day, occur when driving, and in arthritis it’s mostly nocturnal, appears much sharper and doesn’t depend on the nature of the movements. However, both of these diseases can be combined.


Osteoarthritis is often confused with bursitis or synovitis because of the similarity of symptoms. The same pain in joints and difficulty in movement. But we should not deceive ourselves: only an experienced orthopedic surgeon can determine the cause of the disease. The leading method of diagnosing arthrosis is MRI. In its absence, is using one of the methods or their combination:

  • X-rays;
  • Ultrasonography;
  • CT scan;
  • Endoscopy of the knee;
  • puncture (liquid removed for laboratory analysis);
  • general blood analysis;
  • Vascular angiography (to determine the boundaries of the inflammatory process).

It is worth knowing

Anatomical studies of Elliott Smith show that arthrosis was common in ancient Egypt. Changes of the bone tissue in women, men and even animals, indicating the disease, were discovered during the excavation of the tombs.

Arthrosis of the shoulder joint can easily be confused with theglenohumeral periarthritis, similar in symptoms (difficulty moving the shoulder, make a hand behind his back).

Arthrosis of the knee is the most common. The reason — the frequent mechanical load on the knees. The second highest prevalence — the defeat of the hip joint (coxarthrosis), it is combined with pains in the joints of the big toes.

What is the result of selftreatment

Self-treatment of arthrosis of the joints is not allowed. If not to see a doctor in time, the result may be a complete destruction of the damaged joint. Incorrectly chosen tactics of the treatment is able to harm the body, radically changing the biomechanics of the spine. The result — a herniated disc, the gradual loss of healthy joints and chronic development of the disease, severe pain.

How to choose the right method of treatmentартрит фото 2

The Medical Practice Dr.Danatsko specialists will select an individual complex treatment of arthrosis, based on the degree of joint destruction characteristics of the organism. Among the methods of effective treatment:

  • physiotherapy;
  • intraosseous blockade;
  • physiotherapy;
  • diet food;
  • Orthopedic sparing mode.

Modern equipment

Our clinic has a powerful modern equipment. With the help of experienced vertebrologists , the orthopedic specialists provide a comprehensive treatment of arthrosis.

Ultrasound Therapy BTL-5000

In arthrosis it is enough 5-8 minutes of the ultrasound exposure three times a week. Total 6-9 sessions give the stable anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous effect, cease attacks of pain. Even the hip arthrosis is treated much faster by this method. For a more rapid effect the ultrasound is combined with the introduction of medicines, prescribed by a doctor (phonophoresis).

Pulse magnetotherapy BTL-09

The low frequency magnetic field is used to effectively treat arthrosis of the knee and its other types. Sessions are held every day for half an hour. It is enough 10-15 procedures for a stable effect. As a result, an inflammatory process is neutralized, leaving pain, relieves swelling. An additional effect — in hypotensive patients normalizes the blood pressure.

Microwave therapy BTL-21

The exposure to microwaves procedure lasts from 4 to 15 minutes. Sessions are recommended every day, or the next day, for 5-12 days. With this method of physical therapy, the treatment of arthrosis in Kyiv, in our clinic has the immunostimulatory, anti-edematous, anti-inflammatory effect. It reduces symptoms of allergic reactions and pain goes away.

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