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How to cure sinusitis quickly and efficiently

PolipySinusitis – is a disease that brings a lot of discomfort. First of all, because of difficulty breathing and nasal discharge. The disease occurs due to inflammation in the nasal sinuses. Causes — untreated flu, rhinitis, scarlet fever, the penetration into the body of viral and bacterial infections of the weakening of the immune system.


If does not see a doctor in time or provide the treatment of sinusitis wrong, serious complications arise. It comes even to the meningitis, osteomyelitis (purulent lesion of bone tissue in the area of the sinuses) and very painful inflammation of the optic nerve.

Symptoms of sinusitis

The main symptom, which sinusitis can be determined by — is the discomfort and / or pain in the nose, under the eyes. Pain often grow in the evening. After a few hours (or even days) localization of pain it is difficult to determine.

The patient complains of a headache — from one or both sides at once. The voice becomes hoarse or nasal, throat may be laid down, worried about a heavy cold. The body temperature rises to 38 degrees and above, increases the state of weakness, loss of appetite, a person is not getting enough sleep and can not properly relax.


The biggest mistake to take sinusitis for the common cold and treat it yourself. Upon detection of the symptoms you should immediately contact the clinic for an examination. In our clinic Medical Practice Dr.Danatsko we use the powerful diagnostic equipment and modern methods of diagnosis of sinusitis:

  • Radiography of the paranasal sinuses;
  • rhinoscopy;
  • MRI of the brain;
  • CT scan;
  • US

Sinusitis: Treatment according to new methods

Sinusitis treatment in Kyiv at an early stage may be limited to the use of sprays, drops, nebulizers (inhalation). The goal is to eliminate the swelling of the mucous membranes, facilitate breathing. However, more complex and long course of the disease requires the intensive therapy, in particular, the use of modern physical therapy techniques.

Laser therapy makes it easier to recover

A few years ago, sinusitis were treated with the old-fashioned way — puncture sinus. The excess liquid with pus left, freeing the respiratory passages of the nasal cavity of the patient. Today our clinic specialists use much more effective treatments for sinusitis.

Laser therapy on the unit BTL-5000quickly eliminates even chronic sinusitis, the treatment by the usual methods is prolonged. As a result, the patient is completely rid of the manifestations of sinusitis and goes home healthy.

«Recommended from 6 to 10 sessions of 3-5 minutes. They can be carried out every day or every other day, depending on the individual characteristics of the organism and the disease «, — explains Ludmila Stanislavovna Barna, the physiotherapist of the higher category in the Clinic Medical Practice Dr.Danatsko.

Advantages of laser therapy

The use of laser for sinusitis gives a result after the first procedure: normalizes the temperature, facilitates breathing, a headache is not worried so much, and even passes at all. The procedure is painless, the patient feels very comfortable in the course of it.

The undoubted pluses:

  • No complications.
  • sinuses are cleared quickly.
  • During the course, you can be treated at home, without losing the ability to work.
  • Increases immunity.
  • The laser allows to remove the symptoms of sinusitis.

To avoid the recurrence and to consolidate the treatment effect of laser therapy, it is recommended to repeat the course in 14-21 days.

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