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Conization of cervix: indications, contraindications, and the procedure

What is cervical cone biopsy? It is a surgery, which is characterized by removing the conical process in the cervical canal, or (and) the part of cervix. The reason is the unhealthy affected tissues, not amenable to medical treatment.

Causes of cervical conization

The goal of surgery – therapeutic or preventive, as well as clarification of the diagnosis. “In order to carry out the additional research, the excised tissue section is subjected to further analysis, – explains Anna Vitalievna Polosenko, the obstetrician-gynecologist – it will help to determine whether the risk of cancer cells.”

Conization enables to cope with cervical dysplasia, if diagnosed before surgery.  

Conization: indications

This surgery is recommended in cases where:

  1. Pap smear, Pap test yielded positive results.
  2. The cervical ectropion is diagnosed (bilateral cervical gap develops after giving birth, especially as a result of multiple micro-breaks).
  3. The mucosal pathology of the cervix is detected (erosion, polyps, hypertrophy, suspected oncological cervical tumor).
  4. Cervical dysplasia stage of II-IV (should be diagnosed and treated in time, it will prevent the development of cancer cells).
  5. There are serious gaps after childbirth, the cervix is deformed, visible severe scarring on the uterine tissue.


  • Inflammation (especially the acute phase), genital infections.
  • Cervical cancer (histologically confirmed diagnosis).
  • Pregnancy.

Be sure to check the individual contraindications with your doctor.

Methods of conization of cervixkonizaciya-sheiky-matki-1

There are three basic methods : laser conization (vaporization or laser destruction), knife (almost not used, as there are more advanced techniques that exclude the scalpel), loop cone biopsy (used powerful radiowave equipment).

“Surgitron» EMC – Surgitron Ellman International (USA)

The most modern secure method is the loop cone biopsy using radiofrequency equipment “Surgitron”. The cervical mucosa is affected with the high frequency current, ensuring high accuracy and absolute bloodless surgery.

The basis of the impact is the surgical electrodes of different sizes and diameters. They are made in the form of a loop, hence the name – loop cervical cone biopsy, the price of which varies depending on the clinic and the status of your individual features, as well as the complexity of the diagnosis

What are the advantages of the technique?

  1. Retain the ability to bear children (which is extremely important for a woman!)
  2. The technique is optimal even for girls who have not yet given birth (you can get pregnant and bear a child after the surgery).
  3. The normal tissues are not affected during the operation, as the impact is high-precision and local.
  4. The ability to polish the place of excision, to avoid the risk of bleeding.
  5. Equipment “Surgitron” makes it easier to heal the injured surface epithelium (from 30 to 90 days).

How to prepare for conization?

What do you need before you go through the procedure? Pass all the tests to the time of diagnosis, that it was possible to detect the particular state of the organism, there may be identified the contraindications. It is necessarily to pass before the conization:

  • General blood analysis.
  • PCR-smears.
  • Pap smear [flora].

How to prepare for conization?

The operation takes 15-30 minutes, especially if it is conducted by an experienced surgeon. The best time for the operation is 3-4 days after the end of menstruation.

  1. The patient is in the gynecological chair.
  2. The patient is in the gynecological chair.
  3. The excess discharge is removed from the vagina.
  4. Tissues are disinfected with a Lugol’s iodine solution and locally anesthetized the area of the conization.

На 3-5 мм выше от пораженной области закрепляют петлю электрода. На него направляют переменный ток высокой частоты, которую рассчитывает врач. Так удаляется больной участок эпителия.

The electrode loop is fixed at the 3-5 mm above the affected area. The high frequency alternating current, which is calculated by the doctor, is directed on it. Thus the sick area of the epithelium is removed.The procedure is necessarily performed using a colposcope – it is necessary for observation. Thus cervical cone biopsy, the cost of which is calculated individually, is controlled during the whole process. The doctor prescribes vitamins, restorative drugs, antibacterial therapeutic agents to avoid relapses, pain, and infection.

Rehabilitation: perceptions and rules of conduct

There are not strong nagging pains in the abdomen, and weak brownish discharge. In the critical days, the menstrual flow may be more abundant than usual. This is the norm. But bleeding is out of the norm. In this case, you must immediately contact your gynecologist. However, such symptoms are rare.

The rehabilitation period lasts 1.5 months. At this time it is necessary:

  • Use pads instead of tampons, in order not to injure the area of the uterine epithelium.
  • Raise no more than 4-6 kg.
  • Stop intense exercise, provide a light feasible loads.
  • Avoid hot baths, instead of them take showers with the temperature of the water no higher than 30 degrees.
  • Do not go to the solarium, sauna and baths.
  • Avoid sex until 6 weeks (recovery time).

To completely control the recovery process, plan a visit to the gynecologist after 2 weeks, and then – in 4 weeks after the conization of cervix


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