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Head CT scan

кт головного мозгаCT of the brain is by far one of the most effective and informative methods of investigation, allowing to identify damage and brain injury, as well as bone and pathological processes: tissue inflammation, strokes, metastases cysts. In addition to computed tomography, the bleeding can be very well seen, starting from this CT scan is used when it is necessary to diagnose head trauma, chest injuries, abdominal and pelvic cavities. The application of the contrast allows you to see the intestines, kidneys and blood vessels.

Indications for computed tomography of the brain

1. Malformations and brain abnormalities.

2. Injuries:

  • identification of fractures in the area of the cerebral and facial skull departments;
  • detection of hemorrhage in the eye sockets;
  • Detection of hemorrhage inside the skull;
  • the detection of foreign objects in the head.

3. Diseases affecting the orbit and ENT organs

  • detection of inflammatory processes;
  • detection of tumors.

4. Diseases of the vessels:

  • identification of circulatory disorders in the brain, as well as their consequences;
  • identification of malformation in blood vessels (aneurysms, arterio-sinus fistulas, arteriovenous malformation).

5. Diseases in the area of the salivary glands:

  • Diagnosis of salivary stone disease;
  • identification and evaluation of tumors;
  • detection of inflammatory processes.

6. The presence of neoplasms:

  • differential diagnosis of tumors (malignant and benign);
  • monitoring the effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiation therapy;
  • Assessing the need for radical treatment.

7. Diseases affecting the temporal bone:

  • Diagnosis of acute and chronic otitis nature;
  • diagnosis of benign and malignant tumors, identification of non-neoplastic diseases.

8. Control of the results of surgical intervention:

  • assessment of state of the brain after surgery (tumor, hematoma within the skull, and vascular malformations).
  • identifying further tumor growth.

компьютерная томография головного мозгаComputed tomography of the brain can be performed as with the introduction of contrast, and without it. Introduction of contrast involves the intravenously injecting of a special substance that builds up in certain tissues. This allows you to more accurately detect pathology such as a tumor.

Contraindications to the computer tomography of the brain

  • pregnancy;
  • lactation;
  • contrast intolerance (including allergic reactions to the main component of the substance — iodine);
  • renal failure;
  • body weight is more than 150 kg.

Conducting CT of head

компьютерная томография головыComputed tomography of the head is carried out at a position on the back of maturation. You will be on a special mobile table of the scanner-unit. In preparation, the doctor will determine the mode of operation of the device. The contrast agent will be introduced intravenously. During the study, you will be alone in a room, if necessary, you can contact the technologist. You will not feel any sensations.

A study of children

Computed tomography of the brain can be conducted for children from 14 years.

The conclusion of the doctor

The conclusion is written for 20-30 minutes. Your results can be recorded on a CD-disk. With the testimony of imaging, you should go to your doctor.

The cost of the CT of head (Brovary)

Service Price
CT of the brain 510,00 UAH
CT of the orbits 510,00 UAH
CT scans of the facial bones of the skull 510,00 UAH
CT scan of the paranasal sinuses 510,00 UAH
CT of the inner ear 510,00 UAH
CT of the upper jaw 510,00 UAH
CT scans of the lower jaw 510,00 UAH.
CT urgent
CT examination of a single department,
1000,00 UAH
Additional services
Duplicate results of CT screening on tape 100,00 UAH
Duplicate results of CT examination pn the disk 50,00 UAH
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