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Treatment of bursitis: operation is required?

Doctors call this condition briefly and clearly: bursitis. The people gave it a witty name — «maid knees.» The reason for this comparison is the accumulation of fluid (exudate) in the cavity, causing the sick part of the body, most commonly the knee, look puffy. The joint capsule (bursa) becomes inflamed, the movement causes pain. Should you agree to the operation or the treatment of bursitis can be effective without it?


Bursitis is easily confused with the osteoarthrosis: the symptoms are incredibly similar. This is the hindered movement and pain in the joints. Therefore, contact a professional to determine a clear diagnosis. MRI – is the leading bursitis diagnosis method. In its absence, one of the following methods or their combination are used :

The treatment depends on the survey results. It can be operative only in the case where the conservative treatment not give the effect for 2 months. Either the patient is admitted to the hospital with an acute neglected form of bursitis and requires the urgent surgical intervention.

Symptoms of bursitis

There are two main stages of bursitis: acute and chronic. In the acute stage, the disease manifests itself quickly, within 2-3 days. A sick area reddens, swells, the temperature «grows» to 39-40 degrees. If nothing is done, the disease can become chronic.

In the chronic stage of bursitis symptoms may not appear for 2-3 months. The patient is not even aware about their disease. It will manifest itself after the severe stress or past acute infection (eg influenza). The area of the skin over painful joints is slightly swollen, an accumulation of fluid is felt underneath, pus may accumulate. Do not wait, immediately contact the clinic.

Types of bursitis

They are determined by the localization: knee, shoulder, hip, foot, etc.

Bursitis of the knee is divided into subspecies:

  • supergenual (above the kneecap)
  • popliteal,
  • Baker’s cyst (inflamed bursa behind the inner surface of the knee).

Treatment of bursitis knee joint is dependent on its location and the stage of disease.

Depending on the diagnosis, the doctor will prescribe the treatment. It may be operative only if the conservative treatment has not given the results within 2 months. Either the patient is admitted to the hospital with the neglected acute bursitis form and required the urgent surgery.

The elbow joint is surrounded by three bags (bursa)

  • interosseous;
  • ulnar interosseous;
  • subcutaneous ulnar.

If there is inflammation in the one of these bags, or several at once, the fluid accumulates, — movement is hampered, there is pain. The qualified treatment of bursitis of the elbow joint is required. Diagnostics can be difficult because of deep-seated bags and the lack of visible symptoms. Then, more research is needed.

Bursitis of the shoulder jointbunion mild to severe

It belongs to the most common types of bursitis. It is called «tennis arm» or «student shoulder» — these people are prone to illness more often than others because of long-term intensive load on the shoulders, hands and elbows. The pains disturb the outside of the shoulder and severely impede the movement. The treatment of bursitis of the shoulder joint is often held in the conjunction with cryotherapy.

The physical therapy methods based on the international experience and best experts author developments for treatment of bursitis are used in our clinic Medical Practice Dr.Danatsko.

The properly conducted physiotherapy allows avoiding the operation and effectively cope with the disease.

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