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Treating maxillary sinusitis by laser: safe even for a baby

Gajmorit_posle_prokolaMaxillary sinusitis — is an inflammation of the sinuses, called antrum or supramaxillary. These sinuses are located on both sides of the nose, therefore suffers primarily the patient’s breathing(it is difficult) and the sense of smell. Maxillary sinusitis treatment mainly aims at removing infections (viruses and bacteria) that cause a painful condition.

Symptoms maxillary sinusitis

  • Loss of sense of smell.
  • Chronic rhinitis.
  • Headache (usually in the area of the forehead and eyes). Accrues from morning to evening.
  • Swelling of one or both sides of the nose.
  • Accumulation of fluid in the maxillary sinuses.
  • Temperatures above 38-39.
  • Toothache that intensifies when chewing.

How dangerous is maxillary sinusitis

If the disease becomes chronic, it stimulates the trigeminal neuritis of the facial nerve. A person may suffer from severe attacks of pain, facial expressions become difficult. Weakening immunity — is the second danger in which increases the risk of colds. The patient constantly suffers from bronchitis, tonsillitis, rhinitis, of which can not be cured. Therefore, it is essential to find an experienced doctor to carry out the diagnosis.

Diagnosis of maxillary sinusitis

  • X-rays of the paranasal sinuses (area of inflammation is clearly visible in the photographs ).
  • CT scan.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging.

In severe cases, a puncture of the maxillary sinus is taking.

Treatment of the maxillary sinusitis in Kyiv

In our clinic Medical Practice Dr.Danatsko the modern methods of treatment are used. They allow you to avoid outdated «ancient» ways of breaking down the sinuses and patient trauma. Our specialists use the laser treatment of the maxillary sinusitis in combination with other therapies (antibiotics, antiseptics). This allows to quickly suppress the source of infection and quickly relieve the patient from excess fluid to ease their breathing.

Laser therapy can significantly reduce the duration of treatment, which usually lasts up to two months in the acute phase. Positive effect is observed in the first 48 hours.
Laser treatment of maxillary sinusitis is held on a powerful apparatus BTL-500. For a qualitative result it is enough 6-10 sessions of 3-5 minutes every other day or every day, prescribed by a doctor.

Лазерное лечение гайморита проходит на мощной аппаратуре BTL-500. Для качественного результата достаточно 6-10 сеансов по 3-5 минут через день или ежедневно, по назначению врача.

Pillar light therapy

«The excellent effect provides the Pillar light therapy (phototherapy), — says Lyudmila Stanislavovna Barkalova, the physiotherapist of the clinic Medical Practice Dr.Danatsko. — We use the modern Swiss equipment — the lamp «BIOPTRON». During the sinusitis it is enough 6-8 sessions of 4-6 minutes every day or every other day.

The device emits light with a spectrum range above the ultraviolet, with a small proportion of infrared rays.

The use of these advanced safe methods, which are non-allergenic, allows you to make a breakthrough in the practice of the treatment of maxillary sinusitis and effectively cope with this difficult disease.

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