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How and where to treat gout?

Since the Middle Ages the gout was called the disease of kings or aristocrats, because the rich suffered from it. The cause was considered to overeating and excessive alcohol. Although the disease is very ancient, nowadays the treatment of gout still takes time, a lot of experience, the excellent medical and technical base. The modern physiotherapy is able to give that effect, which can not be achieved by traditional methods.

What is of goutpodagra-na-nogah

It is a joint disease caused by elevated levels of uric acid in the body. Most often suffers the big toe, but gout affects the rest of the joints.The sodium urate is deposited in them in the form of small crystals. It destroys joint tissues. In the feet and hands can be seen «bumps» — tophus.

Most of all suffer from the disease the men to 40 years and women after the menopause (from 50 years).

Symptoms of gout

  • The swelling and redness of the joints (one or more).
  • Attacks of pain, often in the early morning or late evening.
  • High temperature (up to 40 degrees).

Symptoms increase over an hour, and then subside. During an exacerbation is recommended the ice cold compress on the affected area, bed rest, and immediate access to a doctor. Extremely important is the question of how and where to treat gout, because seizures in the chronic stage may last 2-7 days.


Gout, which treatment is not started in time, can lead to the destruction of tophus and strong intense pain. Complications are the kidney stones, gouty arthritis, long time putting out a person of action.


  • Questioning the patient to gather medical history and determine the frequency of pain attacks.
  • Laboratory studies of the synovial fluid (the goal — to identify uric acid crystals).
  • Roentgen (detects tophus deposition).

Gout Treatment

The hospital for in-patients with the complex therapy is recommended from 7 to 14 days. «The treatment of gout in Kyiv in our clinic Medical Practice Dr.Danatsko is held using the latest developments of physiotherapy — says Vasily Danatsko, WHC, the chief doctor of the clinic. — It aims to reduce the levels of uric acid and its excretion, release the patient from pain, swelling and inflammation. «

Ultrasound BTL-5000 Therapy

This method of physical therapy is based on sound vibrations affecting the body. Their frequency — 22-3000 Hz. The properly selected acoustic pressure causes the microvibration of tissues. The massing occurs at the cellular level.

Ultrasound therapy for gout removes pain, cramps, inflammation, has a bactericidal effect. An additional method is the introduction of anti-inflammatory and pain medications, together with the use of ultrasound (phonophoresis).

Suffice 5-minute sessions 2-3 times per week; the course of 6-10 procedures.

Pulse magnetotherapy BTL-09

The gout treatment by this method is based on the influence of the magnetic field. By acting on the body, it normalizes blood pressure, relieves swelling and pain, reduces fever within the joint.

Suffice it to half-hour sessions every day or every other day, by the appointment of the doctor-rheumatologist. The course is from 14 to 20 procedures. Already after the first session you will feel a great relief.

Microwave therapy BTL-21

Electromagnetic oscillations during the microwave therapy heat the tissue. Specially selected wavelength — 12.6 cm, and the radiation frequency — 2450 MHz. This makes it possible to provide the anti-allergenic and immune enhancing effect, relieve an inflammation and to stop the pain syndrome after the first session.

During the gouty arthritis the 4-15 minute sessions of microwave therapy is recommended every day. Their number is from 5 to 12.

It is very difficult to cure the gout completely, but current methods can significantly bring the recovery period. Symptoms may recur again after 6-12 months. Therefore, even after the treatment it is necessary to follow the instructions of the attending physician-rheumatologist, to establish a balanced diet, avoiding overloads and alcohol.

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