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Leading urologist
Уролог-сексопатолог: Alexander Yevgenyevich Kamentsev

Alexander Yevgenyevich Kamentsev

Urologist,sexologist of the highest qualification category.

In 1998- graduated from Bukovina State Medical Academy.

From 1998 to 2003- worked as a urologist in the Alexander Hospital in Kiev.

From 2003 to 2010 urologist sexologist in the international medical center 'URO-PRO'.

Since 2010-   urologist-sexologist in the 'Medical Practice'medical center .

The participant of numerous urological conferences, the European School of Urology. The participant of theCongresses of sexologists .

Qualification  of the urologist

Ask an Urologist Online

Qualification of the urologist
Ask an Urologist Online

Уролог-сексопатолог: Alexander Yevgenyevich Kamentsev

Alexander Yevgenyevich Kamentsev

Уролог-сексопатолог: status

Urologist,sexologist of the highest qualification category


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Consultation of the urologist in Kiev: how to recover quickly and safely

Urology is a medical branch that studies the diseases of male genital organs, urogenital, organs located in the retroperitoneal cavity, ureter. Most often, men turn to urologist when the disease is dramatically manifested by such symptoms: pain, urinary incontinence, infectious processes. But in 75% of cases they are asymptomatic. Therefore, so you do not treat them in the later stages, much longer and more expensive, the  professional consultation of the urologist in Kiev is required.

When do you need the help of the urologist?

Most often, in 2/3 of the cases, men are coming with complaints of urinary infection. You should contact the doctor if you suffer from the following symptoms:

  • abdominal pain;
  • rashes on the glans penis;
  • itching and burning the genitals;
  • pain during urination;
  • deterioration of an erection.

In these cases it is necessary to be diagnosed. Our clinic has its own technical park of the best in Ukraine laboratory and diagnostic equipment. An experienced urologist-sexologist will determine the cause of your problem and prescribe the treatment outcome. Men older than 40-45 years should visit the urologist for prevention once every six months.

Diagnostics in Urology

It is advisable to periodically donate blood for PSA - prostate specific antigen. This is the early diagnosis and prevention of prostate cancer.

Our specialists have developed a special diagnostic packages for men. These packages include such surveys:

  • Expert ultrasound examination of prostate and seminal vesicles
  • The diagnostic program of phimosis
  • Diagnostic package for the determination of male infertility
  • The diagnostic program of prostatitis
  • BPH diagnostics package
  • Diagnostics of  Erectile Dysfunction
  • Programs of preventive examinations for men to 40 and after

Each package includes detailed recommendations on the diagnosis of your disease. If necessary, the doctor-urologist will prescribe the consultation with other specialists to the clinical picture was the most complete.

What kind of diseases the urologist treats?

The most common ones relate to diseases of the genital organs and reproductive system. Our equipment allows not only to diagnose, but also to successfully treat these diseases even in advanced chronic stage.


This is a benign tumor of the prostate (dysplasia). It develops from the glandular prostate epithelial or stromal component.

Testicular atrophy

This is a pathology of the testes (one or two), the result of which is reducing the size of the testicles. This adversely affects the fertility function (the ability to conceive a child), impairs the production and quality of sperm.


Chronic or acute process affecting the phallus head and hitting its tissue. Often, this process also affects the inner layer of the foreskin.


In this disease, the veins of the testicle and the spermatic cord are expanding. This is a common problem that affects the quality of sexual life and sperm production.

Prostatic hyperplasia

In other words - adenoma of prostate. Expressed as a neoplasm, the reason is the proliferation of prostate tissue. The tumor is located around the urethra and interferes with urination, violates the sexual functions.


The synonym  of the erectile dysfunction or sexual powerlessness. Negatively affect the quality of sexual life of men, provokes infertility, stress , weakens the body as a whole, lowers the self-esteem. Expressed as lethargy of the penis, inability to achieve orgasm and hold the erection during the intercourse.

Kidney stones and bladder stones

Frequent disease, causing severe pain, cramps, difficulty urinating. Stones in the bladder may be a manifestation of urolithiasis.

Treatment in Urology

Urologist-Sexologist in Kiev in our clinic will make sure that a man, seeking the advice and treatment, did not feel any discomfort. The main principle of our work is total confidentiality, effectiveness and safety of methods. We use the latest equipment for physiotherapy, allowing to achieve treatment success with the first procedures.

Among the innovative methods of combating male diseases are laser therapy, magnetic resonance therapy, countershock. Our methods quickly reduce inflammation, pain, edema, and return a good quality sex life to the man.

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