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Neuritis of the facial nerve: how to choose a treatment?

Neuritis of the facial nerve — is a very serious disease that is difficult to treat. It is particularly unpleasant by its «ostentatiousness»: you can hide the disease of the kidneys, liver or heart, but it is impossible to hide this disease. All the problems are literally on your face.nevrit_licevogo_nerva1


Neuritis, or paresis of the facial nerve, can be one-sided and only in 2% of cases — bilateral. This is the lesion of one of the seventh pair of craniocerebral nerves. They are responsible for the facial expression muscles.

Paresis of the facial nerve has two varieties:

  • Central (develops after a stroke)
  • peripheral (develops on the background of hypothermia, infections, and other factors).

Subacute phase lasts up to 30 days, chronic — over this period, sharp — up to two weeks.


The physiological characteristics of the person are capable to provoke such a phenomenon as neuralgia of the facial nerve. Namely — too narrow bone canal, where the facial nerve is located. It can be trapped (carpal tunnel syndrome), then develops inflammation, and the blood supply disturbance. All this is accompanied by pain.

External factors-provocateurs:

  • viral pathogens,
  • hypothermia (especially the neck area and the ears)
  • frequent stress and weakening of the body on its background,
  • endocrine pathology.


They are clearly visible already at 1-2 days of illness. Skin folds are smoothed, the eye doesn’t close completely, that is why it is called the «rabbit eye». By turning up the eyeball is diagnosed the symptom of Bell or lagophthalmos. The cheek is inflated like a sail, it becomes impossible to eat and drink on the affected side as the mouth does not withhold the food.


Treatment of the facial nerve is further complicated by the inflammation of the trigeminal nerve, which causes the terrible shooting pain. It is similar to the electric shock and unbearable, therefore the patient urgently needs the medical assistance.


The physician is able to determine visually the nature of the disease, because the symptoms speak for themselves. And yet to clarify the diagnosis, a specialist-neurologist may prescribe the MRI, brain CT to rule out (or detect) a tumor or hidden inflammation.

«If you start the treatment of neuritis of the facial nerve in a timely manner, the recovery will not take long. Especially with the use of modern methods of physical therapy that can reduce the period of treatment in 2-3 times, «- says Liudmila Stanislavovna Barkalova, the physiotherapist of the higher category of the Medical Practice Dr. Danatsko Clinic.


The combined therapy is prescribed in the acute stage of the disease with the aim to stop pain, reduce inflammation and swelling. The steroids, decongestants, and analgesics are used.

The microwave therapy is very efficient in the subacute phase (one week after removal of acute symptoms). The powerful apparatus BTL-21 is used to cure the patient quickly. Prescription: 5-7 sessions of 5-10 minutes every other day.

The treatment sessions of the BTL-5000 ultrasound effectively influence on the condition of the facial nerve. Due to thermal effects with a deep tissue warming, the blood flow restores and the pain stops.

This contributes to the micromassage. It is necessary to conduct 5-7 treatments for 3-5 minutes every other day. The therapeutic effect can be enhanced by the simultaneous administration of drugs, then they penetrate deeper through the tissue and act much faster.

The physical treatments, such as electrophoresis on the face and electrical myostimulation showed themselves excellent in practice.

Preventive maintenance

Neuritis of the facial nerve, the treatment of which requires a lot of experience of a neurologist, is impossible without the cooperation with the patient. It is important to perform all-purpose, do not be lazy to do gymnastics and the self-massage (twice a day for 15 minutes), to avoid hypothermia. According to statistics, in 85% of cases, except for the most neglected and complicated pathologies, the patient recovers completely.

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