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Frenuloplasty: modern methods of correction

plastika_uzdechkiThe bridle of the foreskin of the penis – is a skin crease, located longitudinally. It is between the foreskin and the head of the phallus. Its purpose – to return the foreskin to the desired position to cover the head.
On how anatomically correct dimensions of the bridle are, depends the state and the position of the head during erection. If the frenulum of prepuce is short, a man feels the pain and discomfort, the sexual life loses its quality and attractiveness. It is time forthe frenuloplasty.

Signs of too short frenulum

How to determine its size? It is necessary to observe the condition of the penis during the erection. If the head is bent, frenulum greatly strained, stretched, there is a painful syndrome – it shows the pathology. You should immediately contact yoururologist for diagnosis.

Periodically – 1 time in six months – a man should be examined at the clinic . Frenulum foreskin may fail at any time, because it is quite a fragile part of the body. It has a lot of nerve endings,and the finest lymphatics. Is why sensitivity of this little skin fold so high, greater than that of the head.


The operative intervention for the correction of frenulum of prepuce is called frenotomy. Translated from the Latin tome – cutting and frenulum – the bridle. In this operation, the surgeon makes a small transverse incision, then longitudinally stitches it. A week later, sutures are removed, and it is possible to return for sexual life in 14 days. The operation takes 10-15 minutes and is performed under the local anesthesia.

Such plastic of the frenulum of the penis allows you to restore the quality of sex life. The next day, you need to see a doctor to avoid complications. Then you need to abstain from sex for two weeks and avoid physical strain.

Laser plastic of the frenulum of prepuce

Modern methods are the most painless, does not require the removal of sutures and rehabilitation. This greatly facilitates the patients’ lives: the method is not as traumatic as traditional surgery. The laser plastic if the frenulum of prepuce is painless. The edges of the skin fold are simply soldered, the seams are not necessary, and therefore, their removal – too.

The foreskin, if necessary, is crosslinked by absorbable threads, therefore there is no removal of stitches. The entire operation lasts not for long – up to 20 minutes maximum. Rehabilitation is not needed – in 15 minutes you can go home.

The latest laser technologies in our clinic contribute to achieving maximum results. Laser has beneficial effects on the skin, stimulate the recovery process. The method is absolutely bloodless, therefore exclude infection.

Advantages of this technique is its high accuracy and manufacturability. The device acts only on those areas that are subjected to correction. Body around the treated area is not involved, so not injured.

Preparations for plastics

It is recommended before the surgery to be diagnosed and to pass most detailed investigation to eliminate possible complications. The aim is to eliminate contraindications, because thethe plastic of a short frenulum is made, unless there are no serious diseases of an infectious or inflammatory nature. Of great importance is the quality of blood and its ability to clot.

The list of prescriptions to prepare for a plastics is given by the surgeon or urologist.

  • Urine and blood (clinical).
  • Analysis of blood clotting.
  • Tests for hepatitis.
  • Fluorography.
  • Analysis of sexual infections.
  • Biochemical blood tests: bilirubin, ALT, AST, glucose, calcium, iron, potassium.
  • The HIV / AIDS.
  • Coagulation (study on fibrinogen and prothrombin).

These tests are particularly necessary when general anesthesia is used. If it is a local anesthetic, the RW, HCV-am, HIV, Hbs-AG analyzes are needed .

Complications after frenuloplasty

Such complications practically do not happen, because the methods of surgery (laser) are safe and bloodless. And yet, if the pain is felt after plasty, discomfort, bleeding occurs, immediately contact your doctor. It is necessary to take into account that the non-compliance with the recommendations of abstinence from sex carries the risk of complications.

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