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Problems with the potency: what to do and how to treat?

A diagnostic program

Regardless of age, problems with potency bother 40% of men all over the world. Therefore, if you experienced the first discord in bed, you’re not alone. These pathologies can and should be eliminated. It is interesting that 95% of cases of erectile dysfunction can be eliminated. You only need to determine the cause of it right. Our clinic uses the world experience of European clinics and the latest equipment for this .prostatit_1

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction

It is necessary to consult a doctor or the urologist-andrologist, sexopathologist if you notice the following symptoms.

  1. Achieving an erection with your sexual partner is difficult (it was okay earlier).
  2. It is impossible to maintain an erection until the orgasm..
  3. The erection disappears during sexual intercourse, and it can’t be finished.

It is important to understand that even when a man has erection problems, he can ejaculate and achieve orgasm. But nevertheless it is necessary to be diagnosed at the slightest suspicion of a violation of the sexual sphere. The hidden diseases are often found, which are better to treat early.

Problems with potency in 20 years

It would seem that there should be no problems. But they arise, and, contrary to the opinion of nonspecialists, little dependent on the number of years. Problems with potency at a young age can occur for the same reasons, as 20 years later.

  • Stress.
  • Improper diet.
  • Circulatory disorders (venous return).
  • Physical overload.
  • Psychological disorders.
  • Hormonal changes.
  • Admission of the prescription and non-prescription drugs that affect the potency.
  • Malfunctions of the nervous system.
  • Hidden urological diseases.

In the 20 years it is easier to recover than in the 40 or 50. But it is not necessary to postpone the visit to the doctor, because the cause may be more serious than the patient imagined.

Which diseases aggravate disorders of potency

There are a number of physiological reasons, at first glance, is not associated with impairment of the sexual sphere. But in fact, these diseases can cause problems with a potency at 30 years, and in any other.

  • Diseases of the prostate gland.
  • Diabetes.
  • Spinal cord injuries (and brain pathology).
  • Disorders of the heart and blood vessels.
  • Pathology of the thyroid gland.

There is such a term as psychological impotence. All the surveys show that the man is healthy, but the problems with potency in 40 years, or another age continue to haunt the man. It is necessary to consult a family psychologist or two specialists at once: a psychologist and sexologist. At the reception, it is desirable to a man not to come alone, but with a partner (wife), to solve the problem together.

Unreacted stress

This is the major cause of the erectile dysfunction. Stress at work, in relationships with family, because of the financial problems are constantly accumulating, and it has no exit. As a result, an erection suffers. If to add to the stressful circumstances the unhealthy mode of the day: smoking, lack of sleep, lack of nutrients, vitamins – it will take a lot of time to remove the problem.

Violation of circulation

By eliminating this pathology, it is possible to achieve a very rapid recovery of potency. Circulation is broken because of too tight or, conversely, the fragile venous and vascular walls, high blood pressure, frequent use of drugs against colds and flu.

Circulatory disorders does not allow fully fill with blood cavernous body of the phallus. Also, blood can quickly outflow, and not to stay enough time inside the penis. Therefore, erectile dysfunction occurs.


In our clinic we carry out a thorough study of men’s health. We have developed a special package “Erectile diagnosis” to resolve problems with potency.

  1. Consultation of the sexologist.
  2. Laboratory diagnostics (complete blood count, blood lipid metabolism test, blood glucose, blood test for hormones)
  3. SPL of the prostate, seminal vesicles, scrotum organs.
  4. Doppler sonography of the blood vessels of the penis.

It is an essential minimum, which is necessary to pass to the man to determine the causes of poor potency.

Innovative methods of treatment

What to do if you haveproblems with potency? The direction of the therapy will determine the experienced doctor of our clinic. Most often the complex therapy is the combination of drug and physical therapy practices.

Another goal is to relax the man, to lower his level of anxiety, relieve stress. And, of course, restore the circulation. This purpose provides an innovative method of recovery of potency – a laser-vacuum stimulation.

Laser-vacuum stimulationlvs_sm

sterzhen_proUniversal equipment helps to eliminate violations of the potency of any nature. The principle of operation – the application of the locally-negative pressure. The laser light stimulates the blood vessels, activates the function of the corpora cavernosa of the phallus. As a result, the flow of blood to the tissues of the penis is enhanced, they are enriched with oxygen. The efficiency of the potency increases by several times.

The procedure takes only 10 minutes and runs every other day. 10 sessions are enough for the full course.

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