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RF-lipolysis (radiofrequency)

The “MEDICAL PRACTICE Dr. Danatsko” clinic offers the RF-lipolysis procedure on BeautyTek Avita Plus apparatus (Germany), as well as the radio frequency lifting of the body.. In just a few sessions, the silhouette of your figure will be smooth and contoured, and the extra weight will disappear without a trace.

What is the RF-lipolysis?

The RF System, realized by the BeautyTek Avita Plus apparatus, allows you to effectively influence not only on the skin, providing the effect of RF-lifting, but also to concentrate energy at a depth of 15-20 mm in the subcutaneous fat. What is going on during the procedure?

  • Softening of the connective tissue that forms the shell of fat lobules (the cellulite develops as they sealed).
  • Activating of the lipolysis process – the collapse of the fat molecules in the adipocytes (fat cells).
  • The destruction of fat cells, some of which are so badly damaged that destroy not only the intracellular fat, but the cells themselves.
  • The improvement of the local blood circulation, the lymphatic drainage effect is provided by the technology of the EDMA electrodynamic muscle activation. It contributes to the removal of lipolysis products. They are not included again in the processes of the synthesis of fats and excreted.

For more information about RF-therapy, the history of the method, the mechanism of its effects, see here RF-therapy.

The effects caused by RF-effects on adipose tissue, are combined under the name RF-lipolysis or radiolipoliz. This is the non-invasive procedure. It allows to remove the extra inches in the leg area, buttocks, abdomen, arms, chest, without departing from the traditional way of life. It will help to cope with local fat deposits, cellulite, correct the silhouette of your body.

This is all without the surgical intervention and rehabilitation period. Do you think this is a fantasy? The clients of our clinic have already made lipolysis and know that it is a reality.

The things lipolysis will not help you with:

  • It can not replace the need for lifestyle changes, such as more intense exercise and proper nutrition.
  • This is not a mean of weight loss and not an obesity treatment.
  • It can not the replace of the liposuction procedure(ultrasonic cavitation) when processing the large areas.

The efficiency of the RF-lipolysis:

The course results of the 6-8 treatments of the RF-lipolysis on the BeautyTek Avita Plus unit is supported by the objective data. According to the results of clinical trials:

In 68% of patients the amount of adipose tissue is reduced to 20%.

The average circumference reduction after the RF-lipolysis is:rf_lipoliz_pohudenie

  • hip – 2.45 cm
  • belly – 4.5 cm,
  • buttocks – 3.1 cm,
  • Hand – 2.1 cm.

The lipolysis process is activated by 4 times.

The result of the RF-lipolysis procedure:

  • smoothing out the “orange peel”;
  • increasing the density of the tissues;
  • decrease in body fat;
  • modeling of body contours.

The RF-lipolysis is effective if the patient has:

  • cellulite;
  • sagging skin;
  • reduction of skin tone;
  • local fat deposits;
  • gynoid lipodystrophy.

Advantages of the BeautyTek Avita Plus RF-lipolysis:

  • painless and non-traumatic method;
  • without anesthesia;
  • no rehabilitation period;
  • no complications;
  • compatible with other techniques (mutual enhancement effect);
  • It helps to normalize metabolic processes in the subcutaneous fat.

Details about the RF-lipolysis procedure:

  1. RF-body therapy
  2. RF-facelift

How many treatments will you need

The procedures are carried out at least once in a week for 6 weeks (at least). The supporting courses are recommended 4 times a year. The expert will provide the rest of the information about the work of the Beautytek Avita Plus unit during the personal consultation. Sign up for a radio frequency lipolysis – your first step in the right direction.

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