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Mammoplasty — is a complex plastic surgery to correct the shape or size of the breast. It is performed more often for women, but men are becoming patients also.


  • Endoprosthesis (the endoprosthesis, implanted under the skin, are used to increase the mammary glands.
  • Reduction mammoplasty (goal — reducing the mammary glands). In this case, a resection of the adipose tissue and certain glands is making.
  • Mastopexy — aesthetic breast lift (in the case of ptosis — breast lowering).
  • Correctional plastic breasts (adjust the size and shape of the nipple, areola). Thanks to special methods of microsurgery, after such an operation, you can breastfeed your baby in a year — it was impossible earlier.


  1. Macromastia (sharp increase in the breast while maintaining the elasticity).
  2. Micromastia, when the breast is too small at birth.
  3. Ptosis ( strong sagging, often this occurs after the childbirth or as a result of age-related changes). The increase is not necessary.
  4. Post lactation involution (very small breasts as a result of postnatal feeding or other reasons, not related to congenital abnormalities).
  5. Gynecomastia — such breasts plastic in Kyiv is appointed, if a man has an unnatural size of the breast, so-called «female breast». The main cause is a hormone imbalance.


  • Cancer.
  • Infectious process in the body.
  • Incoagulability blood.
  • Chronic or acute phase of diseases of internal organs.
  • Lactation in the unfinished stage (children up to one year).
  • Age up to 18 years.


Before you make a decision on mammoplasty surgery in Kyiv, it is necessary to conduct a thorough diagnosis. Our clinic Medical Practice Dr.Danatsko has a private diagnostic center Medivip. Each of our patients have the opportunity to carry out diagnostics on modern powerful equipment.

  • Coagulogramma of blood.
  • US state of mammary glands.
  • Biochemical tests for hepatitis.
  • MRI magnetic resonance imaging of the open or closed type
  • CT (computed tomography).

How to prepare for mammoplasty

Professional plastic of breasts, the price of which depends on the complexity and nature of the operation, requires the shared responsibility of the doctor and the patient. So for 2 weeks before the surgery it is not recommended to take drugs with salicylates in the composition and take the hormonal contraceptives.

plastika_grydiYou should exclude smoking a week before the mammoplasty, as nicotine provokes a slow healing of stitches. The reason is that nicotinoids make the blood flow weaker. Mammoplasty, reviews of which can be found on the forums, is safe as much as possible with proper pretreatment.

It is necessary to psychologically adjust yourself to the fact that the operation will last from one and a half an hour to 4 hours. Before decide on surgery to change the shape or volume of the breast, many attend the counseling of psychologist, it will help to take a change of appearance and feel the positive results of the changes.


After the mammoplasty surgery the clinic Medical Practice Dr.Danatsko will help to significantly reduce the time of rehabilitation. Modern methods of combination therapy can reduce the recovery time frame is several times and make it more comfortable.

Typically, the patient returns home at the very day of surgery or the next day. Skin sensations of tension may occur in the area of surgical intervention. Light pain may persist for a few days (2-4).

If you strictly follow the doctor’s recommendation, complications, usually do not happen. The plus of the modern mammology is that in one year after the plastic you can give birth to a baby again and breastfeed the child.

Mammoplasty — is the world’s most popular operation in the aesthetic surgery industry. It is able to give a woman a whole new feeling of beauty.

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