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Rheumatology –is a special specialized branch of medicine responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the joints and connective tissue.

The most common diseases that treats rheumatologist are:

Osteochondrosis (according to statistics, cervical osteochondrosis affects more than 65% of the population, the rest falls on the percentages of its other types).

  • Gout.
  • Rheumatic fever.
  • Rheumatoid, psoriatic, reactive arthritis.
  • Systemic lupus erythematosus.
  • Osteoporosis, osteoarthritis.
  • Scleroderma.
  • Myopathy, burdened by an inflammatory process.

All rheumatic diseases are united by the one common feature: a violation of immune processes, inflammation of a different nature and localization. The professional consultation of the rheumatologist at the clinic Medical Practice Dr. Danatsko will help to identify the underlying causes and to begin treatment in time.

Symptoms under which you should see a doctor-rheumatologist

The perfidy of diseases lies in the fact that they are often disguised as other illnesses. The symptoms of rheumatism are easily confused with neuralgia or pyelonephritis due to the pain localization. If you are unable to visit the clinic, you must call the rheumatologist at home.

If you do not start the treatment in time, the process can develop into chronic. In the most severe cases it can cause disability. It is necessary to make an appointment to see a doctor if these symptoms persist (and even strengthened) for more than 7 days.

  • Pain in the joints.
  • The body is poorly managed in the morning, it needs time to warm up, more than 30-60 minutes.
  • Body temperature increased more than 37.5.
  • In the field of joints are visible growths, bumps, seals, redness.
  • The appearance of stretch marks on the skin.
  • Headaches and muscle pain in different locations, duration, and strength.


Our VIP clinic has its own diagnostic medical center — Medivip. It is comfortable to the most complex tests and examinations. The modern equipment from manufacturers of Switzerland, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic is at your service.

Laboratory research

  • Clinical blood tests (to detect the inflammatory processes in the body).
  • Analysis of blood leukocytes and ESR (to reveal the hidden rheumatic inflammation).
  • Immunoassay (to detect immune diseases).
  • Biochemical blood tests (to detect pathological indicators).
  • The study of synovial fluid (its characteristics change dramatically in the period of acute rheumatic diseases).

Instrumental diagnostics

The main objective to determine the degree and duration of the activity of inflammation, the body’s immune response to specific antibodies. Rheumatology in Kyiv Medical Practice Dr. Danatsko reveals these patterns using these methods:

  • MRI (we have a magnetic resonance tomography of closed and open types).
  • Ultrasound (assessment of the internal organs).
  • Electrocardiography.
  • Arthrography (x-rays and contrast medium introduced into the joint cavity).
  • CT scan.


Our clinic uses only the proven safe and effective schemes of treatment. They allow you to reduce the recovery period in times even in the most difficult cases.

In our clinic, there is no specialist without a long experience. Experienced doctors-rheumatologists of the highest category will take care of your health and definitely help.

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Mo-Su: 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.

04050, Kyiv, Hertzen Street 17/25

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