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A good orthopedist-traumatologist in Kyiv can help many people. It is the goal of the clinic Medical Practice Dr. Danatsko professionals.

According to statistics, the trauma associated with the spinal cord injuries, constitute to 12%. An even greater percentage of fractures, sprains and bruises of hands, feet, neck, as a result of accidents, incidents and simply careless movements. We help to cope with these conditions using the innovative methods, which significantly accelerate the healing.

When is it time to visit the traumatologist?114

The traumatologist consultation in Kyiv and immediate access to a doctor is urgently needed if you:

  • Fracture of any part of the body (ankles, pelvis, shoulder, joint, hip, forearm, hand, etc.).
  • Dislocations of any origin, nature and localization.
  • Sprains and fractures (where the tendon, ligaments, muscles affected).
  • Injuries, deep or superficial abrasions.
  • Wounds.
  • Concussion of the brain.
  • Complications and relapses after the injury.
  • Visceral-vegetative disorders.

Medivip Diagnostics

The private Diagnostic Center Medivip allows you to make the most accurate diagnosis. In our arsenal there are the most powerful Japanese magnetic resonance tomography of the closed and open type, best in the capital: EXCELART Vantage and APERTO.

The ultrasound diagnostics and radiology is presented by an excellent equipment. A wonderful base of modern laboratory tests have been prepared for our clients. In our clinic, the most experienced orthopaedists-traumatologists of Kyiv will take care of you. You will enjoy the complete privacy and absolute medical confidentiality.


Traumatology in Kyiv Medical Practice Dr. Danatsko is represented by the revolutionary treatment methods approved and proven by the world medical practice. Thinking over the schemes of complex therapy, our experts use a rich experience of participation in international programs. Therefore, the treatment time for each of our patients is significantly reduced.

Microwave therapy BTL-21

This is the superhigh-frequency therapy with the use of microwave exposure. The magnetic field energy as efficiently affects the body, that the healing of wounds, scratches, injuries after the sprains and bruises runs much faster.

The microwave therapy enhances blood flow due to the small temperature rise in the tissue (up to 6 degrees). The process of inflammation and swelling is quickly removed. The procedure is used in trauma and degeneration of joints, tissue injuries, injuries of varying severity. The area of application — children traumatology in Kyiv, since the microwaves are safe for health.

Advantages of procedures in the fact that it is possible to work on a well-defined area of the body, determine the dosage of the field intensity. The patient lies in the free position and feels comfortable.

Pulse magnetotherapy BTL-09

Sessions on the BTL-09 activate the nerve fibers of skeletal muscles. Their micro reduction improves the metabolism of tissues, promotes the rapid healing. For high-frequency magnetic therapy usually resort in the treatment of injuries of the musculoskeletal system, fractures, joints and bones dystrophy, diseases of the peripheral nervous system and CNS.

The currents of low intensity use in the treatment of difficult healing wounds, stimulation of the internal organs, the treatment of venous ulcers.

Ultrasound Therapy BTL-5000

Другое название методики – ультрафонотерапия. Ее воздействие основано на применении колебаний ультразвука от 22 до 3 тысяч герц. Характер подачи может быть постоянным или импульсным, в зависимости от того, какую схему лечения предложит врач-травматолог.

Another name for techniques -the ultratonotherapy. Its impact is based on the use of ultrasound vibrations from 22 to 3 thousand Hertz. The nature of supply may be continuous or pulsed, depending on which treatment regimen the trauma surgeon will offer.

Ultrasound thermal effect on the body: blood vessels dilate, all fluids (blood, lymph) actively circulating, the metabolism becomes more intense. Passing through the cells, ultrasound triggers a chain of complex chemical reactions, changing the acidity and electrical conductivity capacity for intracellular environments.Blood qualitatively changes its composition. This increases the ability to resist infections, accelerates healing after injuries and damage. The analgesic effect can be achieved by the phonophoresis — a simultaneous drug administration.

What other methods are used to treat injuries in our clinic?

  • BTL-5000 electrotherapy.
  • Infrared laser BTL-5000.
  • Pillar therapy (phototherapy).

Depending on the age, health status, course of disease the doctor-traumatologist in Kyiv determines the duration and regimen of the treatment. In the clinic Medical Practice Dr. Danatsko, the selected methods allow you to see the effect after the first procedure.

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