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Varicocele: is it possible to avoid the operation?

Varicocele – male disease: varix dilatation, because of which formed rete testis in the form of clusters. Translated from the Latin, varix represents varice, kele – tumor. I.e. tumor consisting of varice. In our clinic, we practice modern methods of treatment of this complex disease. Surgery is an extreme measure.

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Varicocele starts to disturb early – from 14-15 years. There is no age restriction further. This disease is diagnosed by urologists-andrology in 15% of men. The infertility is diagnosed in patients with varicocele in 40% of cases.

Causes of varicocele

The main reason is increased pressure in the veins. This is because of particular anatomical location of the veins, most often – in the left testicle. Severe physical exertion, high intra-abdominal pressure, thrombosis, inflammation and impaired renal function with a compression of the veins provoke the disease.

Symptoms of varicocele

The most important indicator is the pain. Aching pain, extending to the scrotum, groin, testicles (one or both). With a strong physical exertion pain becomes more intense. Sometimes even worse when walking and sexual intercourse.

The character of pain is intermittent. It becomes permanent only in the last stages of varicocele. The most serious complications – infertility, testicular atrophy. Please note: the disease can be asymptomatic.

Stages of the diseasevarikocele_2

1 – varicose veins are determined by instrumental methods of diagnosis.

2 – veins thickening is seen with a naked eye, but the testis does not change in size and density; changes are felt by palpation only when the patient is lying

3 – palpation shows the deviations in the standing position of the patient

4 – clusters of veins are perfectly visible in any position, testicle or both vary in size and density.

Varicocele can be unilateral or bilateral. The last is seen much less frequently. Only in the most difficult stages of varicocele the surgery is conducted in a private clinic in Kiev under the supervision of experienced surgeons.

Diagnosis of varicocele

In the early stages, the negative changes can only be determined with the help of Doppler ultrasonography (Doppler scan), and ultrasound. The doctor examines the vessels of the spermatic cord, determines whether there is a regurgitation of blood (venous reflux), whether the increased vein diameter (larger than 0.5 mm – is standard deviation). To do this, apply the Valsalva maneuver.

Of great importance is the experience of the urologist, when he uses a visual inspection and palpation. Spermogramme prescribed to determine if testicular function is changed. Additional tests – blood test for hormones.

Varicocele treatment in Kiev

In our clinic we collected the latest technical base of medical equipment from world famous manufacturers. The procedures are performed with the help of experienced doctors to reduce the time of treatment and to manage it without surgery, if the disease stage allows it.

Massage and physiotherapy

In the early stages it is important to restore the blood flow in the veins, to intensify it, to strengthen the walls of veins. This is facilitated by special exercises and professional massage of testicles. The patient is in the supine position. The pelvis is raised, which guarantees the venous outflow of the blood.

Condition of veins is harder to restore than the blood flow therein. Therefore, after the study of venous wall, the complex therapy, or more radical methods are assigned.


The sclerosant is injected in the vein of the testicle. It helps to overgrow the vessel lumen. The regurgitation of blood is stopped, the pain subsides, the disease stops progressing.

Pros of sclerotherapy – painlessness, since the local anesthesia is used, no need of the hospital stay. Rehabilitation is not required – you can immediately go back to your business.

Spermatic vein embolization

A thin catheter is inserted in the vein of the testicle. Through it entered a spiral. This method is blocking the blood flow, the disease stops progressing. For the best quality of procedure introduced a contrast agent.

Embolization can be performed through the femoral vein into the inferior vena, and then – in the renal. 2-3 hours of bed rest – and you can go back to your former life. However – without physical activities within a month.

Microsurgical testicular revascularization

This method of treatment of varicocele is microsurgical intervention. The goal is to restore blood flow, by the vein transplantation.

Only in extreme cases it is recommended to remove a varicocele surgically, the cost of this depends on the stage and progression of the disease. This is traumatic and requires recovery period, in contrast to non-invasive methods.

Preventive maintenance

To prevent the disease, timely consult a doctor-endocrinologist for testing. Avoid excessive physical exertion. Regular sex helps to avoid stagnation in the pelvic organs.

Talk to your dietitian about vitamin B complex. These simple preventive measures can help you to avoid the varicocele.

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