Every woman dreams to look irresistible and attractive, but very often in our everyday life, because of it’s tempo, we need to face the reality and to be down to earth. The facial skin does not look as fresh as before, there is a fine mesh of wrinkles around the eyes, and wrinkles around the mouth make a woman much older than she actually is. Though most of the proposed funds for the care of the face, unfortunately, does not give the desired effect.Cosmetology has long ceased to be limited to skin care. Modern cosmetology – is an area of medicine that specializes in correcting deficiencies of a person’s appearance, the study of the causes of their appearance and development of methods of correction. It emerged at the junction of the Dermatology (the science of the skin) and the physiotherapy (the science which is study the effects of natural and other physical factors on the human body). Cosmetologists are not only borrowed effective, time-tested approaches to the treatment from these areas of medicine, but also developed a lot of new, used only in non-invasive cosmetic technologies. Our clinic equipped with all the necessary equipment and technologies for the non-surgical facelift, rejuvenate of the skin and various appearance defects correction.Most of our equipment and technologies are the best in the world, first introduced in Ukraine in the CIC clinic.
кодНаименование [Цена
199УЗД органов малого таза абдоминальное*400
200УЗД малого таза ректальное*600
201УЗД органов малого таза комбинированое (абдоминальное и полостное)*900
202УЗД мошонки*400
203УЗД полового члена*350
212УЗИ органов забрюшинного пространства ( почки, надпочечники)*400
213УЗИ мочевого пузыря с определением остаточной мочи*250
224Доплер сосудов почек*500
204Тест вазоактивными препаратами + УЗД полового члена с доплерографией пениальных сосудов*4875
100Пальцевое исследование простаты150
** УЗД профильного клинициста или КМН +25% от стоимости исследования врача УЗД
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