Beauty Injections

Beauty injections: innovation today!

You can find a lot of information on the Internet on why and how to make the beauty injections. Most of this Information became obsolete a few years ago. The Medical Practice Dr. Danatsko applies revolutionary methods of appearance correction, proven by world medicine practice. You can always come to us for the quick and effective result.

Plazma lift: youth no matter what!

Plazma lift – is an absolutely new line of cosmetic medicine. Skin rejuvenation reaches incredible proportions. The basis ia the AUTOLOGOUS REVITALIZATION technology that returns the beauty of the face, neck, hips and even the scalp after hair loss. The result is visible at once, and it is amazingly stable.

Fighting fat deposits – lipolysis

Lipolytic PHOSPHOLIGHT concentrate is used for the correction of body fat in problem areas. Very often a man or woman wants to adjust the shape in a specific area of the body – for example, only the upper part of the back or belly only. The locally directed action of this magical cocktail will do it for you

Only 4-6 treatments every 15-20 days is enough for the great result. Cocktail affects not only the subcutaneous fat, it evens out the skin surface and activates antioxidants. The body looks a lot nicer,especially when you go out to the beach or visit the gym..

Begone, cellulite!

In our clinic in Kyiv we use extremely effective beauty injections to solve this problem – the anti-cellulite CELLUFIT concentrate. It consists of the unique natural plant extract ingredients. They have lipolytic and anti-inflammatory effects

We use it is as a the treatment during the most difficult phases of cellulite, which forms the swelling. Caffeine and kartinin combined with extracts of artichoke and horsetail actively participate in the burning of fat and the lining of skin turgor. Cocktails greatly accelerate the weight loss. The result is usually seen after the first procedure.

Active lift

Our experts recommend a novelty to tighten the skin problem areas of the body – COMPACT FLASH. This concentrate is specifically designed for lift. It activates the formation of elastin and collagen fibers, stimulating fibroblasts (skin cells). The tone of the tissues, the skin becomes taut and you’ll be surprised by your beautiful appearance after these injections.

Injections of hyaluronic acid may be a supplement.

The DEANOL LIFT concentrate will help to tighten the skin and make it more healthy . It is proved that the the clarity of facial contours (especially chin) is able to make you a few years younger. Even if you have used other procedures. The agent is excellent in fighting with wrinkles, stretch marks,and has an Anti Aging-effect.

Even less wrinkles

Extra wrinkles are able to spoil the mood of anyone, even the most patient woman’s mood. Tighten beautiful skin, on the contrary, is admired by others. The specially developed BTX TECH concentrate against the wrinkles will remove crow’s feet , reduce the depth of facial wrinkles, inaccessible to creams and gels. It effects the skin around the eyes and lips.

The rejuvenating concentrate AGE CONTROL PLUS is an another one great fighter with the wrinkles. It perfectly moisturizes the skin that needs it so much, especially in time of the temperature difference between winter and summer. These beauty injections recover the dermal layer and stimulates cells. You’ll get an excellent lifting effect. The tone of the skin increased after the first procedure.

Vitamin bomb

MULTIVITAMIN BCAE and 20 ONTROL C Multivitamin concentrates nourish the skin, renew cell layer, revitalize face and body condition. The use of the first or second method gives a significant rejuvenating effect. Injections of hyaluronic acid can be used in addition.

MULTIVITAMIN BCAE actively removes small and even large wrinkles. It normalizes the production of sebum, the skin becomes younger and more beautiful. ONTROL C 20 has a record amount of vitamin C, it triggers the synthesis of collagen fibers, adds elasticity of the skin, it stimulates the natural reduction reaction.

Botox and contour plastic – to be or not to be?

Times of Botox overused stars are gone. New methods of application guarantee the stable effect of eliminating wrinkles and hyperdynamic folds. Correctly done in the right doses the injections of Botox will return youth and charm to you.

You can add the contour plastic to this procedure, it is very productive and instantly gives the effect. You will leave our clinic with a renewed face after the first session: it smoothes fine lines and wrinkles,even age nasolabial folds can be modificated. Dysport injections can be connected,as a variant, they are recommended for the correction of the upper zones of the face.

Amazingly, Botox is also effective dealing with such a complex disease as hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). Botox is processed at the underarms, feet and other body areas, releasing a large amount of sweat. This disorder gives much suffering, Botox injections can help stop them for quite a long time – up to 8-12 months. Then you need to repeat the course.

Hair Mesotherapy

This trend is practiced to update the skin at the cellular level. After the mesotherapy the blood circulation improves , hair grows much better, bulbs becomes stronger. The injections of a preparation allow you to enter it to the area that needs to be corrected, and to the desired depth.

Non surgical nose job

Is this possible? In our clinic – yes. Non-surgical rhinoplasty corrects the shape of the nose, without the pain and consequences. If you do not need dramatic changes, we will help to make the nose more beautiful and accurate thanks to the non-surgical innovations and experience of our doctors.

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