Contour plastic

gubki4-537x1026Wrinkles … Every woman has to face them in the reflection of the mirror one day. They appear earlier on a dry skin, later  – on an oily skin, but nobody  ever could avoid them. Wrinkles are a natural manifestation of aging. Modern methods of care may delay their appearance, slow down the process, but they are unable – to completely prevent their appearance.

Pros of contouring

About 15 years ago people had to choose: to accept wrinkles or to have a surgery. Modern cosmetology has a wide array of methods for their non-surgical elimination.

Contour plastic is one of them. With its help, you can get rid of wrinkles:

Fast – the result is visible immediately after the procedure.
Effectively – the fine wrinkles are removed as good as large ones, it smoothes out even deep nasolabial folds.
Secure  – more than 30 million people around the world have already tested this method on themselves.

About contouring

The principle of the operation of contouring is very simple: the wrinkle will smooth if you enter something under it using injections. Doctors began to fight wrinkles this way in the middle of the last century, but these attempts were not successful. The problem is that the introduction of fluids was safe, but skin folds were smoothed only for one day after the procedure. And the use of the more dense substances was accompanied by numerous side effects due to the fact that they were rejected by the body.


Many women treated with products containing paraffin, silicone and the like, have experienced complications from their use before there were created biocompatible gels for Body Contouring.

Currently, the leading pharmaceutical companies engaged in the development of these funds (fillers; from English – to filll). Conducted extensive clinical studies, the production technology of hundreds of gels developed. Only dozens of them became widespread.

The safest are the fillers, containing hyaluronic acid, a natural skin structural element. They are absorbed by the body, dissolve,and the achieved effect gradually decreases. Most often cosmetologists use fillers based on hyaluronic acid.

How long do the results last?

After a single injection – from 6 months to 2 years. The duration of the effect depends on the filler used, its composition and concentration, as well as on organism specific features.

What happens when the gel will resolve?

Wrinkles gradually return. The fillers we apply not only fill the missing volume by aligning the skin surface. They also stimulate the synthesis of its own components (collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid), the lack of which leads to the appearance of wrinkles. Thus, the contour plastic not only provides a temporary “smoothing of wrinkles” – it is the prevention of their progression.

Does it hurt?

The fact that one person feels “very hurt”, another one is “well tolerated.” All people are different. Of course, injections are unpleasant for anyone, especially in the case of the face.

Beauticians do everything possible to make plastic of wrinkles as painless as possible. It’s enough to apply the anesthetic cream to the face (30-60 minutes before the procedure). Some preparations for contour plastics contain analgesic components. Anaesthesia as injections is not required in most cases, as the soreness from the injection of anesthetic drugs is comparable to the soreness of contouring.

Compatibility with other cosmetological technologies

Contour plastic combines well with any cosmetology methods (except for the first days after its carrying out, when it is necessary to ensure complete rest to the skin).

The work of cosmetologist is similar to the work of painter, that erasing the marks of time from painted portraits with the help of brushes and paints. Of course, you can draw a picture using one color, but in the work of the cosmetologist the combination of different effects will allow him to find his own, the best way to make your face younger and more attractive.

Preparations for contour plastic

-At prior consultation tell your doctor if you did the contour plastic before, the time you did it and what kind of fillers you injected.
-Be ready to announce the names of medications you take.
-At the day before contouring refrain from intense exercises and alcoholconsumption.
-A few days before plastic of wrinkles you may be assigned to pass the test for drug tolerance (it looks like a Mantoux test, which we all did in the childhood).
-If there were manifestations of herpes in the area of the planned contour plastic, your doctor may prescribe you antiviral drugs for 3-7 days prior before the contouring.

Possible side effects

After the plastics of wrinkles, due to the fact that helium is introduced through the needle, may be observed:
-Moderate edema – for a few hours;
-Traces of injections in the form of point crusts, remaining 1-2 days.

Also it is impossible to completely exclude:
-appearance of the small hematomas (they are rare because the most subtle needles are used);
-Recurrent herpes ( the skin irritation by needle can cause it, if previously there were cold sore in this area)

After the contour plastic

konturnaya-plastica-gubRestrictions to be followed in the first days after the plastics of wrinkles::
-Do not touch the face in the correction area;
-Do not attempt to remove the crusts, if they appeared;
-Do not use cosmetics;
-Do not wash your face with water;
-After plastic of deep wrinkles it is desirable not to sleep on the back at the first night.

Within three days after the plastic you should:
– Exclude serious physical activities;
– Refrain from the massage and other beauty treatments in the field of correction;
– Do not take the medication without prior consultation with a beautician.

Within two weeks after contour plastics do not go to the sauna, do not take hot baths. Protect your skin from UV radiation: do not visit a solarium, apply the sunscreenon the face with an SPF of at least 30 before going outdoors.

Weekend procedure

The “traces of injection cosmetology” (edema, dot crusts)can be saved at the first days after the contour plastic. If it is important for you to “be always in shape” at work, it is best to plan the date of wrinkles plastics for your days off. For this reason, the contour plastic is often called the ” weekend procedure”.

This is especially important during the first contour plastics. When the person already knows exactly how the skin reacts to the plastic of wrinkles, some patients turn it into a “lunchtime procedure”. Though beauticians do not welcome such “frivolous” attitude toward contouring.

If you don’t want to exchange your traditional compliments about your great look today to the suprised questions concerning the sudden disappearance of your wrinkles, you may ask the cosmetologist not to make the full correction, but to do it gradually, over several sessions. Then none of the others will guess how you have achieved this result, attributing it to the good rest and a healthy lifestyle, not suspecting the medical intervention.

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