It is so desirable to be beautiful! But it is no time for lengthy procedures. The quick results – and terrific! – gives mesotherapy. It is able to refresh and make beautiful all parts of your figure: the face, body and even hair.

mesotherapy - photoMesotherapy – what is it?

Mesotherapy – is a technique without the use of a scalpel, which is designed to rejuvenate the body, face, hair. It has a large range of applications. For this purpose are used the injections with special cocktails. There is no pain at all – and this is a big plus of the method.

After the procedures, the blood circulation and lymph circulation improves and immunity increases. This gives the start to biological responses that normalize all processes in the body, correct the malfunction of the internal organs.

Mesotherapy is considered an excellent treatment option for cellulite. It is used in hair loss, baldness (alopecia). It is applicable to rejuvenate problem areas of the body – decollete and neck. And, of course, to deal with small and large wrinkles on the face.

Is rehabilitation necessary?

An effective technique does not require time for rehabilitation. The result can be the same as after surgical intervention, but no bandages and tires. Anesthesia is also not required. You are returned to the usual rhythm of life right after the treatment, no matter what it is: mesotherapy of the face, body or hair.

The effectiveness of mesotherapy

Once the patient has undergone a series of sessions, three months later, the results are even more striking. The reason is that the effect comes from the increase, on the principle of a snowball. The skin becomes smooth, delicate, gets healthy hue, simply shines. And the hair after the first session start to grow in a week. Half a year – and a smooth head area is overgrown with beautiful hair and bulbs are restored.

As for the body and face, the sagging skin is tightened after procedures, the neck looks more youthful. But the woman’s age is determined as of the neck and the outer part of the brush. Mesolifting has helped many to establish personal life and career.

Cocktails for mesotherapy

What the doctor inserts under the skin during mesotherapy? Special formulations that are perfectly balanced. They are sold in a ready-made capsules. Homeopathic remedies can be applied. The cocktail is often included hyaluronic acid.

The doctor inserts under the skin of a cocktail of drugs, amino acids, vitamins. The penetration depth is small – up to a millimeter. Each problem area of the body only needs a small dose – about the drop. Immunomodulators, biostimulators (eg, hair growth), antioxidants (anti-aging complex) are used to increase the body’s defenses. Two methods of administration: subcutaneous and intradermal. Both are safe and painless.

In our clinic we use “VIDA S.r.l.” company products (Italy) “VIDA S.r.l.” (Италия)

HYALURONIC 2 – Moisturizer concentrate with hyaluronic acid
AGE CONTROL PLUS – Anti-aging concentrate
BTX TECH – Anti-wrinkle concentrate
CONTROL C 20 – Concentrate with Vitamin C
MULTIVITAMIN BCAE – Multivitamin concentrate
IDEANOL LIFT – Concentrate for facial skin lifting.
COMPACT FLASH- Concentrate for body skin lifting
CELLUFIT- anticellulite concentrate
PHOSPHOLIGHT- lipolytic concentrate

The mesotherapy is better creams and masks?

Even the most expensive creams and the best mask penetrate only superficially. They do not have a deep impact. They just will not affect the subcutaneous fat. But based on mesotherapy injections, the substances penetrate to that depth, which is scheduled by the doctor. Biologically active substances are as deep as required.

Removal of cellulitemesotherapy - results

Already after 20 years, the cellulite deposits are noticeable in girls. If they are associated with excess weight, it is much harder to get rid of them. The paradox is that cellulite is not necessarily manifested in women with excess weight. Orange peel happens even in thin persons.

In places where you see the nasty orange peel, it is probably poor blood flow and lymph flow. Connecting fibers are weakened and elasticity is lost. Meso-cocktails strengthen connective tissues, help to cope with the excess fat. Cocktails are effective not only in the first, initial stage of cellulite (total of 4), but at the last, the fourth, when it seems to be no hope.

How to make your hair grow?

Alopecia – the scourge of women and men. The causes are chronic stress, covert and overt diseases because of which the metabolism and lymph flow slows down and the blood flows to the tissues poorly. Also the excess hormones is formed – dihydrotestosterone (DNT). Sessions of mesotherapy stimulate natural growth of healthy, beautiful, thick hair.

Mesolifting: rejuvenation of the face, neck and body

When skin sags and loses its elasticity, and it is harmed by free radicals, you need to indulge in such weapons as mesotherapy. Amino acids and antioxidants in the composition help to give the skin strength and be tightened, there is an anti-aging effect. It affects even the thin and sensitive skin of the eyelid.

Mesotherapy face: the magical transformation

How the sessions are carried out on such a sensitive area as the face? Injections are made with a special needle. Its diameter of only 0.33 mm. The depth of introduction is 2 mm. After injection, the skin is saturated with vitamins, nutrients and immune-stimulating substances. Depending on the skin condition, your doctor may recommend a ready mono composition (single ingredient) or enriched multi-component composition. It determines the desired concentration, adding vitamins and trace elements, exactly this patient is needed.

To effect was even more rapid and profound, the additional procedures are recommended:

  • biorevitalization,
  • mesolifting.

The useful amino acids are added into the hyaluronic acid solution.

Mesotherapy: indications

This is a common indication for mesotherapy, but there are still individual, the doctor will tell you them after a thorough inspection.

  • The wrinkles of different depths and intensity.
  • Changes in skin color (the so-called. Smoker’s skin).
  • Laxity and skin fatigue.
  • Enlarged pores, excessive greasiness and their pollution.
  • Acne, comedones (except when there is aggravation).
  • Scarring.
  • Spider veins, rosacea.
  • The gravitational ptosis with sagging skin on the face.
  • Second chin, aggravated by the localized fat deposits.
  • Brown spots of varying size and color.

After a session of mesotherapy, condition of the patients improved significantly. Minus 5, and even more years. And this is an excellent result, given the fact that it is accumulated and the effect increases.

Mesotherapy: contraindications

Contraindications can be common and individual. In the first case, mesotherapy is contraindicated in any case, but you can remove the cause of obstruction (to recover) and then apply the rejuvenation sessions. In the second – always consult with your doctor: you may be the exception to the rule.

General contraindications

  • The use of drugs that affect blood clotting.
  • Inflammatory and infectious diseases, in particular of the skin, especially in the acute stage.
  • Increased body temperature.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Active physical activities, high stress levels.
  • Menstruation period and for 3-4 days before and after it.
  • Cancer.
  • Fresh injuries in the area of impact.

Before carrying out beauty care procedures, use our own fleet of diagnostic equipment to eliminate the risks of hidden diseases.

The course the procedure?

First of all you need a preliminary consultation. The doctor carefully examines the state of your health, to select the optimal number of treatments, the composition of the cocktail and the impact of depth. Be sure to let us know about your allergies and chronic diseases. And also about medicines that have recently taken or are taking in a given time period.

If necessary, the local anesthesia can be performed. For this purpose, an anesthetic gel or cream is used. The skin is treated with antiseptic. Then, injections are giving with a thin needle. The larger the area of skin to be treated, the greater the drug composition a physiotherapist will spend. Injections also depends on the area of the problem area.

Manual (not hardware) injections are the predominant method. The doctor feels and determines during the session how responsive your skin is and what are its individual characteristics. Session time is dependent on the area of treatment. On average it is half an hour. After injection, the skin is disinfected with antiseptic again. To calm it down, put the cream, serum or mask with anti-inflammatory substances.

How to take care of the face after mesotherapy?

A small swelling on the face or body at the site of injection may appear immediately after mesotherapy treatments. Do not worry: they will disappear after 5-7 hours. Special care is not required.

There are small limitations: during the day you can not wash the face, do not touch the face with his hands (especially unwashed), not to carry infection. Do not apply to face anything: creams, masks and makeup. Upon designation of cosmetologist-dermatologist, you can apply a mask for sensitive skin, with the aim of soothe and reduce inflammation.

You should definitely refrain from visiting the solarium, saunas for 7-8 days after the procedure. As you pass the course, do not tempt fate, breaking the rules of care for face throughout the course. Before going out outside under the open sunshine, be sure to put the sunscreen on the body and cover your face with hat, panama or cap, and the area around the eyes – with sunglasses.

Is it hurt?

For several decades, the development were carried to make mesotherapy painless. And it succeeded. Anesthetic cream is applied for half an hour before the procedure. There are no uncomfortable sensations. Furthermore, you can add a cocktail analgesic ingredients. This is done only when necessary.

What techniques complement mesotherapy?

Duration of the course of mesotherapy doctor calculates individually. Usually it is from 4 to 8 treatments. additional exposure techniques can be assigned If you have poor skin condition: rf-lifting, micro-currents, mesolifting. On the duration of the course affect the age, state of health. To restore facial contours, quite up to 8 sessions, and to remove bags under the eyes – to 4. Mesotherapy is assigned to 1 time per week.

The effect lasts for at least 6-8 months. Every month, the positive changes can be seen brighter. Of course, if you follow the recommendations of the doctor-cosmetician and driving a gentle way of life, avoid stress and get enough sleep. If necessary, designate a second course.

С какими методиками сочетается мезотерапия?

Prolongs action of procedures, and allow to achieve results faster:

  • Chemical peels.
  • Modern GP-massage.
  • Laser therapy.
  • Biocybernetical therapy.

Medical cosmetologist composes an individual program of “beauty shots”, supplemented by other techniques. It varies in each individual case. The goal is to eliminate the specific cosmetic defects in the shortest possible time.

hair mesotherapy - photoHair mesotherapy: how to grow a thick beautiful ringlets

What is hair mesotherapy and what problems it solves? It is a modern and very effective method comprising administering of special cocktails under the scalp. As a result, the first vellus growth appears to bald areas, and then complete hair grow. Bulbs are activated, power is supplied to them.

The biggest advantages of hair mesotherapy are no injuries, no pain, excellent results from the first procedure. And rising effect for 6-8 months.

Hair Mesotherapy is recommended for all their types: dry, brittle, split ends, oily, normal. Once the cocktail will take effect, the condition of hair will significantly improve. They will become more vivid, shiny, the hair immediately will look luxurious.

The blood supply will accelerate under the scalp. It will be actively sated with vitamins. This will accelerate the growth of hair, and dead bulbs and follicles will get a second life. Additional ultramodern procedures:

In which cases mesotherapy is recommend for hair?

First of all, to help people who suffer from baldness. Even the women complain about the alopecia baldness, not to mention the men after 50 years. If ordinary means do not help, then mesotherapy will rescue just after 4 sessions. What other problems can be overcome?

  1. Preparing for hair transplantation.
  2. Dandruff.
  3. Normalization of hair and scalp.
  4. Brittleness and oiliness of hair.
  5. Dryness, split ends.
  6. Rare strands.
  7. Itching of the scalp
  8. The weakening of the condition of the hair after childbirth, prolonged loss.

Mesotherapy of hair: contraindications

As in the case with indications, be sure to consult a doctor-trichologist, dermatologist-cosmetician, in which cases the mesotherapy is categorically impossible for you.

  1. Individual intolerance of substances, of which the cocktail is made (preliminary is necessary to make tests).
  2. Pregnancy and breast-feeding a baby.
  3. Oncological diseases or suspicion of their development (diagnostics on modern hardware is necessary ).
  4. Problems with blood clotting.
  5. Cardiovascular disease, especially in the acute stage.
  6. Chronic and acute infectious-inflammatory processes.
  7. Progressive fungus.
  8. Disorders of the immune system.
  9. Menstrual period; 3-4 days before and after it.
  10. Diseases of the nervous system ( verify details with your doctor).

Most patients simply cope with the problems, because of which the sessions are temporarily prohibited, and then use mesotherapy, putting it at the service of beauty.

What are the ingredients in meso-cocktails for the hair?

Cocktails are always drawn up taking into account the problems to be solved. In particular:

  • Oxygenate tissues.
  • To strengthen the hair growth.
  • Awaken the dormant bulbs.
  • To improve the condition of hair and scalp.
  • To strengthen local immunity.
  • To give hair elasticity and shine.

For this purpose, the cocktail includes hyaluronic acid, preparations to remove the effects of free radicals (antioxidants), vitamins, fatty acids, minerals, amino acids. Among these drugs on the place of honor is zinc, selenium, iron, copper, vitamin A, B, C, and E.

Mesotherapy – this means injections?

Do not confuse conventional injections with mesotherapy. Not every injection – is mesotherapy. This is a complex procedure, which affects all body systems: nervous, immune, humoral (fluids – blood, lymph, saliva, tissue), improves the condition of connective tissue. A needle pierces the skin – it affects nerve endings in those areas that require such medical intervention.

Professional who uses a technique mesotherapy in practice – not just a beautician or a trichologist. This is a specialist, who owns a complex of knowledge: reflexology, physiotherapy, cosmetology, pharmacology, trichology, dermatology. It can determine how a particular component will affect the condition of hair, skin and body.

In the body there is no non-interacting systems, and the drug administered in a single part of the body has an effect on others. The doctor determines how and what it is. This requires in-depth knowledge, allowing to make mesotherapy really effective. Our specialists possess the knowledge and advanced practical techniques of using powerful foreign equipment. We will gladly assist you.

What are the effects of hair mesotherapy

Hair Mesotherapy – is a complex effect on the whole body. Therefore, effects appear in the complex.

  1. The pharmacological effect. The drug is administered in accurate doses and it is in those areas of the body where it is needed, without affecting the other. Specialist calculates exactly the composition that will help solve the problem. If the goal – to eliminate dandruff, strengthen hair growth, these are the ingredients to be a part of the meso cocktail.
  2. Improving blood circulation of the scalp. The thin needle stimulates the receptors in the skin, affecting the desired point. This effect is achieved by stimulation of receptors and cocktail ingredients penetrate into the bloodstream, enhancing blood flow.
  3. Renewal of skin cells. After penetration of the needle into the tissue, a microtrauma occurs. The cells are stimulated to upgrade. They grow and divide new cells with improved properties. The rapid healing process is stimulated.
  4. Opiate effects. Nervous system immediately reacts to the injections with meso cocktail. Opiates of endogenous nature are allocated in the bloodstream. It gives a sense of barely perceptible euphoria, but the discomfort is eliminated automatically.
  5. Reflexogenic effect. The impact of injections provoke the same effect on the body, as in acupuncture – natural processes of revitalization of vitality start

Mesotherapy – is a beautiful rejuvenation technique that allows rapid and consistent results. Our experts will help you to solve all the problems with your appearance and well-being, with which you have contacted us.

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