Non-surgical rhinoplastyk

Non-surgical rhinoplasty via fillers: Italian technology of the nose tip form recovery.

Reno-fillers (fillers) – a relatively recent technology, in addition to the rhinoplasty. Seemingly trivial but really very effective technique to change the tip of the nose using a filler.
The goal of the treatment – to increase the nasal projection and lift up the tip.hhhklk
ggggToday, patients in need of minimally invasive techniques with small or zero time of rehabilitation predictable and reversible results. It should be inexpensive and without complications. New alternatives have proved their worth and virtually replaced the use of the good old scalpel.

The nose is located in the center of the face and brings harmony to the perception. It is difficult to see the beauty of the person, if it is not accompanied by a properly structured nose. Rhinoplasty is one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures. There are no alternatives to the rhinoplasty in changing or eliminating the defects of the nose today. However, there is an additional technique for correction of the nose using a filler agent.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty using fillers is applicable in such cases:

-Patients who don’t want the surgical intervention at their own option or because of contraindications.

-Patients who don’t want or don’t need big changes (as often happens in cases of aging of the nose).

– Those who have already been subjected to a rhinoplasty, and there were only light violations of the nose shape, which do not justify a secondary rhinoplasty.hrrhrhe

Before the procedure (A), 3 months later (B) and 1 year after (C): photos after the treatment of the 33 year old female, which has made a rhinoplasty (about 4 years before the procedure). The tip of the nose of the patient showed unsatisfactory projection, but with a good degree of rotation. The treatment with an Italian technique application implemented the rotation of the tip upward by injection of 0.2 ml GC in the septum cartilage (as the patient required ) and 0.3 ml of HA to increase the projection.

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