BeautyTek skin tightening
For the BeautyTek each patient is VIP! BeautyTek Premium Edition and BeautyTek AIO – is the latest development of the biocybernetic skin and soft tissue tightening in the field of aesthetic medicine of German scientists, which is a real and highly effective alternative to the plastic surgery and one of the best methods of non-surgical skin tightening and body contouring, the safest way of the breast thermal lifting, the restoration of its volume and shape. And in the case of the after surgery rehabilitation it simply has no equal. Age-related changes don’t start in the skin, subcutaneous tissues and muscles, they are much deeper – at the cellular level. The essence of the thermal lifting method is in the restoration of the energy balance in each cell, stimulation of the inner human resources, that provides a stable result, which is growing with time. The technology is based on the biofeedback principle. It combines the classical Chinese acupuncture therapy (a combination of reflexology and physiotherapy) and the advanced technology of European biocybernetic therapy. During the procedure, the bioelectric state of the treated area is determined and on the basis of these data the apparatus delivers and modulates the special pulses, typical of healthy cells. As the result, the bioenergetic balance of the whole body is recovered , which contributes to the process of cell regeneration,the process of collagen synthesis is started , the fat metabolism is activated, the blood circulation is improved, and lymph flow is opened, the fluid and electrolyte balance and energy metabolism are normalized. With the BeautyTek your success is programmed! A non-surgical skin tightening. This is a real revolution in anti-aging therapy in the aesthetic medicine market of Europe. Reliable: made in Germany.skin tightening - deviceThe non-invasive method , painless and comfortable to use. No recovery period, the patient does not need the rehabilitation and can immediately return to their daily lives. -A huge database of an experimental data, the digital map of the human body makes it possible to localize the possible deviations in the parameters of the body’s biopotential. -Completely eliminated the possibility of overdose and any undesirable side effects, since the apparatus selects independently the most suitable exposure parameters in real time in each case. -The only device designed for non-invasive, safe and highly efficient lifting and correction of the breast shape.The procedure improves the condition of the body in general, except for the impact on the local areas. The disruption of the cells, proteins or other body structures does not occur during the procedure. The biocybernetical therapy stimulates the inner human resources, ensuring long-lasting, stable effec, growing with time. The technique is not addictive.
The Beautytek apparatus is used in the practice of dermatologists, physical therapists, plastic surgeons and other doctors. The application of the Beautytek Premium in an aesthetic medicine is multifaceted, because its use allows to solve a wide range of problems in the medicine and cosmetology.In dermatology: • • Anti-aging therapy. • Thermal lifting, non-surgical correction of facial contours. • Correction and prevention of the occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles. • Caring for aging, weakened, oily and dry skin. • Improving the complexion. • Treatment of the acne and post-acne. • Correction of the flabby and atonic skin.The aesthetics of the body: • Modeling of the shape of arms, abdomen, legs, buttocks. • Lifting of the breast skin. • Reconstruction of the shape of the mammary gland after the breast-feeding. • Restoration of skin turgor (including in complex therapeutic areas, such as breasts, stomach, inner third of the shoulder, etc.). • Treatment, removal of stretch marks and scars. • Active cellulite therapy (ATC). • Individual figure modeling program. • Lift of the skin. • Tummy skin liftIn plastic surgery: • Preoperative preparation of patients. • Reduction of the post-operative swelling and bruising. • Reducing the time of rehabilitation after the surgery. • Rehabilitation and post-operative recovery of the patients. • Treatment of postoperative lymphostasis. • Treatment of postoperative scars. Other uses:• Support and rehabilitation of chronic stress conditions. • General and individual relaxation programs. • Restoration of the energy potential and the balance of the body. Duration of the treatment:: 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. Duration of the course: 8-12 procedures 2-3 times a week Contraindications: cardiac pacemaker, and pregnancy.We invite you to our clinic for a thermal lifting procedure! The most reasonable prices you will find here. The procedures will make you beautiful, young and healthy! After all, youth and beauty – are the trump cards of all successful people! Your success is programmed with the Beautytek! Reliable. Made in Germany.
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