BeautyTek body therapy

The use of the BeautyTek therapy is effective for the rehabilitation after the mammoplasty, abdominoplasty, liposuction, reduction of post-operative swelling and bruising, eliminating of cicatrices and scars.

BeautyTek body therapy: what is the benefit?

  • elimination of the cellulite;
  • lift and correction of the breast shape;
  • decrease in the volume of the buttocks, abdomen;
  • modeling of the body shape;
  • the return of the skin tone;
  • elimination of the flabbiness;
  • oily and dry skin care;
  • tummy tuck;

The biocybernetical therapy is effective in stress states of the organism,in restoration of the energy balance. For best results, pass diagnostics of subcutaneous fat.

BeautyTek-терапия теларезультат процедуры BeautyTek
биокибернетическая терапиябиокибернетическая терапия - результат курса

Cosmetic procedures. The Tummy Tuck. Carrying the “BeautyTek body therapy” procedure.

  1. The first thing the doctors do is enter your personal data about the age, gender, and medications being taken. It is necessary to create an individual treatment program. Electrolytes and probes that are optimally affect the body are selected.cic 92
  2. The skin is purified and treated with an antiseptic, then the electrolyte is applied. It is a gel or cream for a deeper impact.
  3. The electrode is given to the hands of the patient – it is needed to obtain diagnostic data.
  4. With the help of applicators the specialist very smoothly moves the applicator over the body. You will not feel the muscle contractions or discomfort. The procedure is so pleasant that you will be able to have rest and relax.
  5. When the procedure is finished, the remains of a electrolyte gel will be removed from the body and the prolonging effect means will be inflicted. It can not be washed off for 12 hours.
  6. During the BeautyTek-therapy course follow the drinking regime. At the very least, drink 2.5 liters of fluid.

КCosmetic procedures: how many sessions you need?

One procedure lasts 30 to 90 minutes – the time depends on the zone, which is being processed. Take the course of 12-18 sessions for best results. Sessions are held 2-3 times a week.


You will feel the skin elasticity after the first procedure. The effect increases during the course. The BeautyTek therapy rejuvenates the entire body.

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