BeautyTek breast lift
WOW-effect: breast lift with BeautyTekBreast is a very delicate, and at the same time a very seductive part of the female image. At all times the representatives of the fair sex have focused on their neckline area.  How many tricks have been invented in order to make breasts look gorgeous! From elegant ancient Roman corsets made of the finest leather, which skillfully lift up the chest, till sometimes almost violent methods. The breast of legendary Marlene Dietrich after the birth of her daughter and her breastfeeding lost the form, so the actress in despair was forced to “tape up” her breasts before each performance with the rough tape in the form of cones in order to make her breast look high and shaped in the dress. Even the sex symbol Marilyn Monroe, after 30 years, put a cotton in her bra, to make breast seemed higher. And how much noise the X-rays of her gorgeous bust have done, which show that the star used the services of a plastic surgeon!Today, the fashion industry constantly offers all new inventions in the underwear and styles of clothing to make the neckline of women closer to the ideal. The abilities of the plastic surgery also grow. But what if you want to be seductive, not only in clothing, and in this case you belong to the 88% of women who consider the surgery the unacceptable and radical measure?Until recently, the only methods of the light non-surgical breast lift were perhaps some types of the manual massage, deep moisturizing masks and a contrast shower. Although these procedures are only slightly improve the condition of the skin of the mammary glands, but, unfortunately, do not have a noticeable lifting effect. The most effective method today is the non-surgical breast lift on BeautyTek unit.The device, once created by German scientists for the rehabilitation of patients after operations and severe diseases, and that gave a powerful regenerative effect – was improved to deal with aesthetic problems. The BeautyTek made possible the restoration of the most delicate part of the female body – the breast.
breast lift - results

The result after the first treatment

Now the problem that has become a real complex for many women, has led to insecurity and problems in the bedroom – is easily solved. The BeautyTek lifting is especially relevant for mothers, because the after childbirth breast lift, recovery of old forms are one of the most cherished desires of women. Also, the procedure is recommended to owners of implants – to activate the lymph flow and for the breast skin elasticity enhancement, which accounts for the additional load.Moreover, the procedure is painless and completely safe. The smart BeautyTek works with the energy of the body’s cells, regulates the balance by “tuning” them for the rejuvenation. The Beautytek chooses the impact program, the consistency and duration of the massage movements, as well as the type of the massage device, diagnosing a particular condition of the body of the patient. The German quality of the BeautyTek gives confidence in the procedure selection. The non-surgical breast lift is performed by qualified nurses, however, Beautytek regulates the course of delicate procedures by itself without giving a room for error. The another major advantage: the price of the “non-surgical breast lift” course is fairly democratic!The lifting effect is already visible after the first 15-20 minutes of the session, but WOW-result it is required to take a course of 8-12 treatments.
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