BeautyTek face lift

Facelift: How to look 5-10 years younger?

Face is the every person’s card. It determines the age, state of health, even the life style. An attractive face helps in personal life, career, and resolving business issues. So what is the solution to the age problem and wrinkles appear? The face lifting, without the plastic surgery and with the increasing effect of skin rejuvenation!

Non-surgical BeautyTek-facelift

This is the newest procedure from the “Clinic of the Instrumental Cosmetology” CIC. Its effects:

  • Quick tightening of soft tissues.
  • Wrinkles Removal.
  • Correction of the face and figure without surgery.
  • Absolute safety for the organism.
  • No pain.
  • The rehabilitation period is not needed.

The results of the procedure are comparable with the effectiveness of the plastic surgery, but absolutely harmless and bloodless.

What is the basis of the equipment effect ?

A non-surgical faceand body lift is performed by means of the biocybernetic therapy. This technique stimulates the natural forces of the body and improves the immunity. Microcurrent impulses contribute to the fact that the energy balance of the person is gradually restored. The action of micro currents is complemented by the gel and massage with the use of electrodes.

Microcurrent impulses proven themselves in the medicine and cosmetology. Current power in millionths of an ampere affects on the cell membrane. This improve the health of the cells, electrical impulses between them are active. The cells exchange the information quickly, passing it to the internal organs, soft tissues, and the brain.

The main effect: BeautyTek-pulses remove the inflammation, swelling, eliminate wrinkles, a persistent rejuvenation occurs. The facelift is achieved by natural methods, without excision of tissue as it happens in cosmetic surgery. The patient feels a slight tingling and no discomfort at all.

Indications for facelift

  • Sagging contours.
  • Wrinkles (small and large), including “crow’s feet”.
  • Unhealthy complexion.
  • Laxity, reduced skin tone.

How the BeautyTek procedure is carried outface lifting - device

No special preparation is needed. The patient lies on a comfortable couch. The face has been previously purified from cosmetics and disinfected. Then the gel-electrolyte is applied to the skin. The doctor carries on the acupuncture points with a special electrode sensor.

The uniqueness of the equipment is that it recognizes the state of the cells and sends impulses, typical of a healthy cell. Thus begins the process of the natural skin layer restoring. There are other useful processes activated under the skin : the production of collagen, elastin for the skin tightening and alignment.

As a result, of procedures, the lymph flow and blood flow are enhanced. The fat and water exchanges normalize. These processes are not visible to our eyes, but very active. As a result we see the clear circular face lift, fine and coarse wrinkles, and crow’s feet removal.

The procedure lasts 30-60 minutes. The treatment time depends on the area of exposure and the condition of the skin. For best results 12 treatments are required. The intervals between them are about 2-3 days. To processes were the most safe and effective, it is recommended the 6 weeks of the BeautyTek-therapy. You will see the effect after the first session. The result of the course is stunning: patients look for 5-10 years younger! пациенты выглядят моложе на 5-10 лет.

What is unique about our clinic equipment

Our “Clinic of the Intrumental Cosmetology” CIC has a powerful apparatus for the BeautyTek-therapy produced in Germany, the only one in Ukraine. The biocybernetical intelligence can cope with any problems of aging, withering of a skin, to achieve stunning results in a short time.

We are official distributors of the Medilab, the well-known German manufacturer of world renown. Therefore, our methods are tested by European practices. In addition to such an effective procedure as the facelift in Kiev, you can take a course of rf-lifting for the face and body. This will speed up and enhance the results of the BeautyTek-therapy.face lifting - procedure

The benefits of our approach

We do not finish the procedure in a strictly allotted time (often it takes half an hour). The session ends only when the specialist sees the real result of the cell recovery.

Before the session conducting, the attending physician attentively diagnoses the condition of your skin. All the information is displayed on the computer monitor. Then the specialist with the help of equipment determines an individual program of the therapy: how much micro currents per second is necessary to bring to the problem area. And only then we will start to treat.

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