Those customers who want to look younger and to use the latest techniques, are willing to know more what is rf-lifting. This is the modern method of rejuvenation, which is high-impact, and the performance is comparable with the plastic, it is more secure. The RF – the Radio Frequency, is the electric current in the radio frequency range.

This is a harmless way to remove wrinkles, tighten the skin and look great. Innovations allow to make the face and body smooth, remove facial wrinkles, unwanted creases. The immediate result you will see after the first treatment, and the effect will ramp-up, delighting you over the next 2-3 years.

rf lifting - photoWhat is the difference between the rf lifting and plastics?

Prepare yourself for the trauma and rehabilitation period during the plastic, as the surgeon excises the skin. The plot of the skin is stretched, so the wrinkles disappear. But because of the trauma and vulnerability of the skin, there can be complications, inflammation, the infection is quickly entered. The skin does not become healthier – it becomes thinner and fades, and weakens. As a result, there are new wrinkles.The properly carried out procedure immediately makes you 5-7 years younger. The person does not suffer from the fact that the skin is broken, as in the case with a scalpel. No risk of getting an infection, because there is no incisions. All rejuvenation processes occur naturally, as the production of collagen and elastin is activated . The body and face are fresh and tightened.

How does the radio wave lifting

The electromagnets are configured in order to deeply but gently warm the skin layer. The radio frequency and temperature lining up most effectively. The temperature reaches 42 degrees, it is enough to run the cell restructuring. Also it is very comfortable to the patient.

Why is it necessary to influence the collagen and elastin fibers? When a person gets older, these fibers are stratified. They acquire a shabby look, are stretched and can no longer maintain the skin frame.

During the RF-lifting these fibers are reduced due to the heat, they are shortened. The tissues are tightened. The contour of the face becomes clearer, that makes you look 5-7 years younger. The rf lifting of the body operates similarly. Is achieved the main objective – the disappearance of the wrinkles. A decay products are processed, filtered by the liver, and in few hours removed from the body.

When the effect is fast, and when the deferred?

Already after the first treatment you will notice that you look much better. The skin is rejuvenated, but it’s only the beginning. Why is this happening? Subcutaneous spiral-collagens have a protein nature. They are reduced and stretched under the influence of temperature. This is the quick effect, but it does not last long, approximately 7-8 days .

At this time, the skin has a chance to relax, unwind, unload. This is useful. During the rest, the skin covers the stormy processes like a barrier. The new molecules form, protein compounds activate, and the collagen fibers increase under it.

It takes 4-5 procedures, and the effect of the rejuvenation increases. The skin stably keeps the tissues already after 4 weeks, it is resilient. The old collagen and elastin is collapsed, and the new formed. Now you can look forward to a long-term effect of your beauty.

The formation of new cells continues until 5-6 months. the result keeps for a long time – up to 3 years. The skin tightening is very significant – up to 20%. It’s almost like after plastics, but the look is fresh and healthy, and not artificial. The professional RF-lifting in our clinic in Kiev is a complex of 8-12 sessions. That’s the number of procedures needed for a perfect effect and really gorgeous rejuvenate.


The procedure is recommended not earlier than 25 years. But the boundary age is not described in the scientific literature. The most important thing is the the condition of the face and the body – not your years.


  • Mimic wrinkles.
  • Crow’s feet.
  • Sagging skin folds (ptosis).
  • Sagging of the subcutaneous fat – the hypodermis.
  • Swollen contours.
  • Aging of the skin, thinning of the dermis as a result of photoaging.
  • Scars after acne.
  • Rosacea.

RF-body lift

  • Sagging sides, thighs, folds on the back, at the waist, etc
  • Loss of the body contouring definition
  • Sagging skin, laxity, loss of turgor (elasticity).
  • Cellulite in any of the stages (there are 4 of them, from the first to the fourth).
  • Stretch marks (striae).
  • The loose and thickening of the subcutaneous fat layer.


Of course, radio wave lifting has contraindications. It is natural for any technique. Indications are absolute:

  • Oncological tumor at any stage.
  • blood diseases.
  • Lupus erythematosus.
  • Fresh scars in the area of radio wave exposure.
  • Scleroderma.

Indications can be temporary;the RF-lifting is not indicated while the state will not pass or until the end of the disease:

  • Pregnancy.
  • Lactation (breast-feeding).
  • Inflammatory and chronic colds.
  • Viral infections.
  • The rash and inflammation on the skin, microtrauma in the impact zone.

Radiolifting: how to prepare for the procedure by all the rules

Главное – убрать лишние предметы с тела и одежды. А именно, выложить ключи, брелки, другие металлические предметы. Снять цепочку, браслет, кольцо. Из глаз нужно аккуратно вынуть контрактные линзы. В тот день, когда вы делаете радиолифтинг, не записывайтесь на другие процедуры.

The main thing is to remove the unnecessary items from your body and clothes. Specifically, put the keys, key fobs, and other metal objects. Remove the chain, bracelet, ring. Remove gently the contract lens from the eyes. Do not sign up for other procedures on the day of radiolifting procedure. It is particularly important not work on those skin areas that are exposed to RF exposure. Treatment time is small – only 15-20 minutes. There is no pain, therefore the anesthesia is not applicable. Rehabilitation is also not necessary.

How to behave after the treatment?

The most important rule – 3 days after the radio lifting must be sparing. Do not overheat the body and facial skin, especially in the areas of processing. You should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

Immediately after the rf lifting session do not overheat the body and face for three days: avoid any radiation, including sunlight, do not visit the sauna, do not sunbathe on the beach. It is necessary to refrain from the peeling or any mechanical action that can damage the skin. The rehabilitation period is not required.

What methodologies complement and reinforce the RF-lifting

RF-lifting can be complemented by other modern techniques that will enhance and prolong the effect of rejuvenation. Although radiolifting is good as an independent, self-sufficient procedure.

In addition to the RF exposure you can use the techniques recommended by your doctor:

Chemical peels,

Beauty-tech therapy



Other types of peels.

It is necessary to follow the doctor’s recommendations, on which days to apply these procedures. The RF-lifting can be significantly enhanced and the results of plastic surgery on the face and body are extended if to approach the combining techniques properly.

RF-lipolysis or radio frequency lipolysis

The “MEDICAL PRACTICE Dr. Danatsko”clinic has its own park of powerful equipment to conduct an effective RF-lipolysis. It is done on the BeautyTek Avita Plus machine (Germany). You are guaranteed of the high quality face and body RF-lipolysis. The total amount is 6-8 sessions – and the extra kilos are gone. The silhouette of the figure will improve and the face will have clear contours.

What is RF-lipolysis?rf lifting - photo

This is the high-tech RF system, which effects on the body with the radio waves. The energy is concentrated at the optimal depth – 20 mm, at least – 15 mm. The subcutaneous fat is located at this depth and it is exposed during the session: the fat cells destroy , the weight normalizes.

What else is going on in the body during this period? BeautyTek Avita Plus device effectively affects the skin, helping the body to create an optimal energy balance. The connective tissue is softened, ie it forms a sheath of fat lobules. When they are sealed, we see cellulite deposits. This smart hardware helps to cope with it, too. How exactly?

Активизируется естественный процесс липолиза. Так распадаются молекулы жира в жировых клетках: их называют адипоциты. Часть этих клеток повреждается настолько, что они разрушаются полностью, внутриклеточные жировые отложения разрушаются тоже.

The natural process of lipolysis is activated. Thus fat molecules disintegrate in fat cells: they are called adipocytes. Some of these cells are so damaged that they are destroyed completely, the intracellular fat deposits are destroyed too. Furthermore, the blood flow is improving, it occurs in some locations and by the body as a whole. The equipment gives an excellent lymphatic drainage effect. It provides a special intellectual EDMA technology based on the electrodynamic muscle activation. The lipolysis products quickly and without harm to the health are excreted. They do not participate again in the synthesis of fat, the body is cleaned, and the person loses weight.

For more information about RF-therapy, the history of the method, the mechanism of its effects, see here: RF-therapy.

Great effects, which occur during the radio wavesб effect on the body fat and skin. The procedure is not invasive (no intrusion of a scalpel or other medical instruments, and needles). This is a great opportunity to lose weight without depriving yourself the usual pleasures, and lead the same lifestyle as before.

You can adjust the volume of the buttocks, abdomen, arms (which is especially difficult), legs, chest. Your silhouette will be nicely adjusted and the cellulite will go away . There is no period of rehabilitation. Do you think it’s unbelievable? Yes, you do. But it is real in our clinic, and the price of the RF-lipolysis is more that real.

Do not confuse the lipolysis with …

Do not consider the RF-lipolysis as a panacea, a medication or the procedure “to cure anything.” Do not leave training in the gym after procedures, eat healthy, drink clean water, and the results will be even more pronounced.

Remember: Lipolysis – is not only a mean for weight loss and not a way to deal with obesity. These procedures are not a substitute for such a technology as the liposuction or ultrasonic cavitation (pumping of the fat). Especially while processing the bulk zones of the body.

What is the efficacy of RF-lipolysis?

According to the practice, and confirmed clinical data, the best results come after 6-8 treatments. The BeautyTek Avita Plus equipment does not fail and gives the opportunity to adjust the shape and face.

Results from the clinical studies show that:

More than 68% of those who asked for help and passed RF-lipolysis course,lost their volume of adipose tissue to 20%. After the sessions, the mean decrease in volumes was as follows:

hip – 2.45 cm,

belly – 4.5 cm,

buttocks – 3.1 cm,

Hand – 2.1 cm.

The process of natural lipolysis has intensified by 4 times.

According to the results of sessions RF-lipolysis:

Orange peel smoothed.

tissue density increased.

Fatty deposits became less.

The contours of the body is modeled.

In which cases you can see the effectiveness of the RF-lipolysis?

In circumstances where a patient is diagnosed:

lethargy and laxity of the skin;


skin tone is much reduced;

complexion is broken;

It found signs of gynoid lipodystrophy.

Advantages of the BeautyTek Avita Plus RF-lipolysis:

no injuries or microtrauma;

inability of infection;

anesthesia is not required;

no sensation of pain;

there is no complications.

The RF-lipolysis is perfectly combined with other techniques, which ensure the mutual enrichment and strengthening of the result.

How many procedures will you need

The doctor usually appoints at least 1 procedure in 7 days. The course runs for 6 weeks. The corrective courses are recommended 4 times a year. The number of procedures are appointed by the cosmetologist dermatologist. The expert will provide the rest of the information about the work of the Beautytek Avita Plus unit during the personal consultation. Sign up for a RF lipolysis – your first step in the right direction.

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