Many factors affects the appearance and the health of the skin, such as age hormonal changes, post-partum period and so on. The skin becomes less elastic, wrinkles and flaccidity appear, moisture level is decreased .This is the problem not only of the face skin, but also the skin of the neck, décolleté,and hands.

What the biorevitalization is?

The intradermal injections of unmodified hyaluronic acid were called the biorevitalization by A. Di Pietro and his co-author more than a dozen years ago, Since then, the procedure has become very popular as a method that replaced the plastic surgery. But today injectable methods come to naught,replaced by non invasive ones.

The clinic of the instrumental cosmetology CIC in Kyiv presents the biorevitalization without injections at favorable prices. Non-injective laser biorevitalization- is the new painless way to fight for the health and youthfulness of the skin with help of Beautytek Light apparatus (Germany).Our clinic is the only place in Ukraine where you can experience the effect of this method.

Indications for non-injective laser biorevitalization :

  • moisturizing the skin;
  • wrinkle removal;
  • restoring of the skin structure;
  • improving skin complexion
  • alignment of the relief;
  • restoring the skin after the plastic surgery, peels;
  • the elimination of wrinkles and flabbiness;
  • dehydration, the elasticity decrease;
  • stimulation of fibroblasts;
  • reduction of hyperpigmentation;
  • Skin preparation for plastics, rejuvenation , etc .;
    (resurfacing) etc .;
  • prevention of aging caused by the stress (prolonged use of chemotherapy, smoking, living in a big city, rehabilitation after serious diseases);
  • Biorevitalization of the face.

Biorevitalization is recommended for people who often fly in an airplane, those who are going on vacation. Procedures are needed to prevent the dehydration, the effect of temperature changes, the accumulation of free radicals due to solar radiation.

The laser biorevitalization procedure is performed by using the BeautyTek Light unit.


  • acute infectious diseases;
  • oncological diseases;
  • skin diseases in the areas of influence;
  • allergic reactions to hyaluronic acid.

The cosmetologists of the “Clinics of the instrumental cosmetology” (CIC) will collect a detailed medical history and test the allergic reactions to eliminate all risks.

Laser biorevitalization procedures in Kiev

Beautytek Light unit biorevitalization is conducted in a non-invasive manner. The rejuvenation method is based on the use of athermal laser and structured low molecular weight hyaluronic acid «Pure Hyaluron» (Germany).DSCN1082.thumbnail_600

The procedure is simple – the hyaluronic acid is applied to the skin . Beautytek Ligh laser radiation acts after the absorption of the acid. The light energy activates the hyaluronic acid. The effectiveness of the procedure is very high. It is comfortable for the patient: skin is not damaged, there is no side effects. This is a great alternative to filling wrinkles with the gel-fillers. ефектів.

Advantages of the method:

  • long lasting effect (the result lasts 4 to 5 months);
  • no side effects typical for conventional biorevitalization injection (swelling, needle marks,
  • redness, skin pallor, mikrogematomy, pain);
  • low cost;
  • excellent state of health;
  • relaxation and recovery.

The result of laser skin biorevitalization

The result is seen after 20 minutes. You just go back to your casual lifestyle. After the treatment, the skin produces hyaluronic acid independently , also it is saturated with moisture. The shallow wrinkles and roughness disappears, pores are getting tight. If the procedure is applied to the lips, they look noticeably volumetric. Smartness effect persists for several weeks.

Thanks to the athermal laser of the apparatus Beautytek Light skin becomes smoother, hyperpigmentation fades, skin structure is rebounding , increases the protection of the skin.

How many procedures you need?

For best results you need a take course of 4-6 treatments. In each case the rate is calculated individually.

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