Ultrasonic cavitation
Ultrasonic cavitation: Beautytek Avita Plus(Cymedics AVITA+) (Medilab,Germany)

beautytek avita plus(cymedics avita+) (medilab,germany)

Ultrasonic cavitation: Med²Contour (General Project,Италия)

med²contour (general project,италия)

Scalpel? Plastic surgery? Forget about them. We offer a completely new, bloodless and non-invasive techniques to deal with localized fat deposits and cellulite with the help of devices:

Beautytek Avita Plus(Cymedics AVITA+) (Medilab,Germany) 

Med²Contour (General Project,Италия).

Today, it is the best equipment in the fight against localized fat deposits and cellulite in the US and Europe. For the first time you have an opportunity to try a stunning effect of this procedure for yourself at home in Kiev. Our clinic, for today is the only one place where you have the opportunity to perform the ultrasonic cavitation on these devices in Kiev and at the same time at a bargain price.

The conducting of Beautytek Avita Plus procedures

Every person always has the “stubborn” fat and resistant fat deposits that do not want to disappear, despite the sports activities, a diet and moderate healthy nutrition. For struggle with the persistent localized fat deposits, not amenable to other methods of correction, the Beautytek Avita Plus unit (Cymedics AVITA +) (Medilab, Germany) uses the TFR-method – an advanced method of the stable cavitation.
The innovative technology acts selectively on the membrane of adipose tissue, creating channels in it. The contents of the cells is displayed the lymph through the channels. Thus, the amount of fat cells is decreased, the load on the body is physiological and absolutely minimal.

The “Stable cavitation” is a physical phenomenon, consisting in the action of the high pressure (over 4 kPa) and a frequency of about 30-70 kHz, and also multi-frequency continuous wave at 33 kHz. The treatment of fatty deposits, obesity and cellulite through the use of cavitation in combination with a multi-frequency wave frequency of about 33 kHz and a pressure wave capacity of 4 kPa with a frequency of 30-79 kHz is the most gentle and totally secure system to eliminate these problems.

The procedure is completely painless, and you can continue your normal daily life immediately after the procedure. It is a quick and non-invasive method. The fight against cellulite and localized fat deposits only recently was possible only surgically.

beauty_tekBenefits of the Beautytek Avita Plus (Cymedics AVITA +) (Medilab, Germany)

  • the low frequency ultrasound for especially sensitive skin, gentle treatment.
  • thanks to the non-invasive method of treatment it is not necessary to change the work schedule, as in the case with the plastic surgery.
  • a system for the combined application, and optimal results: the removal of fat by means of ultrasound and improved skin via radio frequency.
  • the non-invasive and pain-free add-on application after the surgical liposuction cryolipolysis.
  • the result is visible immediately and increases with the passing of the each subsequent procedure;
  • non-invasive procedure;
  • effective reducing of the volume of fat cells;
  • painless and most secure procedure;
  • the absence of rehabilitation period.
  • reliable. Made in Germany. Made in Germany

How many procedures will you need

For optimal results, you need from 3 to 10 sessions, each lasting for 40-50 minutes (Zone 1). An individual course is assigned in the each case.

The conducting of the procedure on the Med²Contour(General Project,Италия)

med2 conturMed²Contour – is the latest development of Italian scientists the field of aesthetic medicine, which has no analogues in the world, designed for the treatment of cellulite and localized fat deposits. At the second annual ceremony of Aesthetic Medicine The Aesthetic Awards (14.03.12), the American version of Med²Contur received an award as the best device for the body shaping without surgery.

The basis of the effect of Med²Contour, lays in a phenomenon of the stable cavitation due to the powerful ultrasound system and special nozzles of the patented design. Thanks to the vacuum technology, the modern apparatus raises the adipose tissue in such a way, that the effect of the low frequency ultrasonic wave penetrates and focuses only on a specific area, that is a subject to the treatment. The method essence consists in the fact, that under the influence of a special type of ultrasound waves into the fat cells, microbubbles of air are formed. They increase in size, liquefy fat and displace it with ease from adipocytes that leads to an immediate decrease of the volume. With further increase of bubbles, the adipocyte membrane bursts, and the accumulation of fat becomes impossible in this area.

Advantages ofMed²Contour:

– This is the first system for ultrasound lipolysis, with the integrated vacuum suction and two ultrasonic transducers in one arm, which allows to obtain significant results already after the first procedure.

-This is the first system with the integrated drainage nozzle, which provides a comprehensive and secure handling. The lymphodrainage is carried out by the special elastomeric membrane, which leads to the motion of tissues.

– It is a safe and effective alternative to the surgical liposuction: excellent results of the non-invasive, safe and completely painless method.

– A technology of the selective impact on local fat deposits and effective destruction of fat cells.

– The lack of side effects and rehabilitation period;

– A technology of selective impact on any local body fat and effective destruction of fat cells.

– Conducting of cavitation on the Med²Contour to pursue a course of 6-10 treatments with 7-10 days interval.


You will experience a decrease in volumes already after the first procedure of the Ultrasonic Cavitation. Your skin will tighten, rejuvenate, become more elastic. It is necessary to pass the supporting courses every six months after completing the course.

Recommendations while passing of cavitation course

The impact of ultrasound on the organism requires compliance with certain recommendations:

– Adherence to diet during the course (the course considered fully completed at the end of 10 days after the last treatment;

– Compliance with drinking mode (it is necessarily to drink 2.5-3 liters of fluid a day).

Contraindications to ultrasonic cavitation:

– Gallbladder disease;

– The presence of a pacemaker;

– Diseases of the endocrine system;

– Receiving of anticoagulants, sulfonamides;

– diabetes;


– pregnancy;

– exacerbation of chronic diseases

The ultrasonic cavitation received good reviews in our private clinic, we are recommended!

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