GP Photorejuvenation

There are many procedures for the facial rejuvenation, but most of them has a long rehabilitation period, moreover, they are ineffective. The non-invasive treatment methods with a minimal recovery period begin to dominate in cosmetology. Today, one of the new methods is the photorejuvenation. It uses the technology of intense pulse light (IPL), as well as an innovative technology HBLM (High Brighthness Light Massage). Both techniques in Ukraine are offered only by the CIC clinic.

What is the photorejuvenation

The photorejuvenation of the face appeared not so long ago in the cosmetic practice. The procedure takes a strong position in the instrumental cosmetology of the face. The intense light output is used in the course of the procedures. With the help of, the result is achieved quickly and easily.

You can often hear the word of “phototherapy”. In fact, the photorejuvenation – is the phototherapy of the facial rejuvenation. This cosmetic procedure that allows to refresh the skin and eliminate its defects. The procedure is completely painless and safe. It stimulates the regeneration processes of the natural synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers in the skin.

During the session, the effects can be subjected to different parts of the face, neck, chest, different areas of the body, arms and legs. The main advantage of this procedure is in a favorable ratio of effectiveness, cost and safety. The epidermis is not damaged during the session, the rehabilitation period easily passes, with virtually no side effects. The photorejuvenation is the outpatient treatment with the minimal discomfort. This is a great alternative to the plastic surgery.

Indications for the phototherapy – photorejuvenation:

  • photodynamic skin massage;
  • removal of the pigmentation and freckles;
  • treatment of vascular pathologies;
  • the synthesis of collagen and elastin;
  • enlarged pores;
  • alignment of complexion.
  • availability of medium and deep wrinkles
  • fading and lifeless skin
  • acne, excessive oiliness of the skin
  • as an additional way to recovery after plastic surgery

The procedure for the face skin rejuvenation on 3 Face GP

3Face of the Italian company General Progect -is an innovative medical device, created by the light HBLM technology. It is absolutely safe and has no side effects. Often combined with a facelift and the hardware facial peeling (grinding).

Phototherapy procedures, thanks to recent advances HBLM-technologies, held very quickly, with a total time of stops for a few seconds. This is achieved through the use of DC emission of light in a broadband range. Here it is connected to the benefits of high-intensity LED systems devices.The high power of the special HBLM-lamps allow you to quickly and efficiently carry out the photorejuvenation.

Thanks to the HBLM-technology the skin is renewed, its defects are removed without disrupting the integrity of the surface. After a course of rejuvenation, the facial skin will come alive and be tightened, its structure will be improved, it will get an even color, pores will be narrowed. The problems of hyperpigmentation will be solved.

The procedure of the photorejuvenation on the GP Med Flash 2 CS in Kiev

Med Flash 2 CS of the Italian company General Project is the best choice for photorejuvenation treatments with the broadband light. The micro pulsed light penetrates deep into the skin, activating the physiological processes: destroys the unwanted accumulation of pigment, enhances biochemical reactions, tightens pores, stimulates the natural production of elastin and collagen.

The skin gets a healthy tone, it becomes smooth and healthy from the inside. The high temperature action treats vessels, stimulating the natural healing process. The equipment allows the dermatologist to select the desired wavelength, thereby eliminating the aesthetic problems. Med Flash 2 CS is equipped with a powerful cooling system. It minimizes pain and discomfort during the procedure.

Benefits of the photorejuvenation:

  • effectiveness of the method;
  • quick results;
  • comfort of the procedure;
  • possibility to regulate the amount of supplied energy ;
  • price of the photorejuvenation

How many rejuvenation treatments will you need

For best results, you will need 8-10 procedures with interval of 7-10 days. This is the most effective treatment of rhythm, providing a gradual improvement in the skin.

The results of the rejuvenation

The result is noticeable after the first procedure. Then it partially regresses during the next 24 hours. After the third session there is a visible smoothing of wrinkles and pore narrowing. Long-term results are visible after 8-10 procedures, the full course. Carrying of lifting massage, hardware peeling, the course of masks perfectly complement the rejuvenation procedure, strengthening the efficiency and the lasting of the result.

Results of the course:

  • wrinkles disappear or become less visible;
  • pigment spots are vanished ;
  • spider veins are removed;;
  • skin texture becomes smooth and even.

Preparations for the rejuvenation procedure. No special preparation is required. The doctor will do everything by himself during the session.

The regime after the procedure. The treated area may have a little redness after the procedure. This is a temporary phenomenon, it usually passes in a few hours. The procedure does not require the home regime – after the session the patient returns to the normal life.

Rehabilitation. Before and after the procedure, you must refrain from the sun. Also, within three days after the procedure, refrain from saunas and swimming pools with chlorinated water. Do not use alcohol-containing agents a few days before and after the procedure.

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