In the perception of many people, massage – is a treatment for relax with essential oils. However, it allows you to get not only physical and intellectual relaxation. This is a part of a comprehensive treatment that improves the condition of the the patient.

The regular use of the massage activates blood circulation, generates a local and general lymphatic drainage. It affects the overall recovery of the organism, improves mood. To make a massage is to take care of yourself. Each type of massage has its own testimony.

General Massage Therapy

Is needed to restore health, relieve fatigue, stress, improve mood. This is a great prevention of a variety of diseases. It increases the metabolism, improves the physical activity and the muscle tone.

Relaxing massage

It includes a variety of techniques: acupressure, lymphatic drainage, etc. Restores the balance of body and soul, relieves headaches, accelerates the elimination of toxins – and it is all thanks to the harmonious combination of different techniques. This technology allows to relieve the stress and to relax, and of course to restore the energy balance.

Anti-cellulite massage

It affects the subcutaneous fat layer with the aim to smooth the relief, and improve skin tone,and get rid of cellulite. By improving blood circulation and stimulating the metabolism, people lose weight.

Collar zone massage

Improves the blood circulation, relieves the muscle tension, eliminates headaches, normalizes the blood pressure. After a course of procedures you will no longer be bothered with migraine and fatigue, you feel lighter.

Head Massage

Head massage is a multifunctional technique, which affects the entire body. WIth the soft lightly touches,the therapist delicately acts first on the scalp, then on the face. The neck muscles are relaxed and , as a result, the anxiety, fatigue, headaches and migraines pass, hair growth is stimulated and appearance is improved.

Foot massage

There is a huge number of reflex points is situated on the surface of the foot, responsible for the functioning of internal organs. Due to the effection on these spots, the therapist normalizes the work of all systems and organs. The procedure is very, very nice.

Vacuum massage

During the vacuum massage the blood and lymph circulation is increasing , blood flow is redistributed. As a result,increases the inflow of arterial blood to all tissues, also increases the flow of nutrients and oxygen.

The use of special funds

During the procedure, our specialists use massage gels, creams and essential oils. All the funds are selected individually to enhance the effect.They soften and smooth the skin, help to reduce body fat, deduce the excess fluid from the body.

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