Anticellulite massage (GP)
“The Clinic of the Instrumental Cosmetology” CIC offers the anticellulite massage – a popular method of the instrumental cosmetology. It is designed for the body shaping and cellulite removal. The result without pain and without surgery!       The popularity of the use of the GP massage caused by the fact that it is:
    • efficient;
    • comfortable;
    • physiological.
What is cellulite?Cellulite – is the structural-dystrophic change in the adipose tissue, leading to the disruption of lymphatic drainage and microcirculation. Due to the anatomical and physiological characteristics of cellulite, it happens only in women. Much less frequently -in men.Causes of Cellulite
    • The structure of the cell membranes adipocytes (fat cells) is destroyed, resulting in impaired fat metabolism.
    • The blood flow to the subcutaneous fat is reduced. As a result, it slows down the process of lipolysis.
    • Skin with impaired microcirculation and lipolysis process becomes flabby, it stops the natural process of the production of elastin.
    • The “orange peel” appears on the skin – it is the evidence of cellulite.
Indications for the GP anticellulite massage:
    • figure correction;
    • cellulite treatment;
    • restoration of skin elasticity after the childbirth;
    • restoration of skin elasticity, including ; breast lift;
    • rejuvenation;
    • reduction of volumes;
    • local and general lymphatic drainage;
    • prevention of varicose veins;
    • stimulation of the blood circulation;
    • strengthening of the venous outflow and microcirculation.
    • any type of skin diseases;
    • defeat and fragility of vessels;
    • pregnancy;
    • tumors;
    • oncological diseases;
    • diabetes;
    • acute or chronic inflammation;
    • the presence of metal prostheses;
    • the presence of cardiac pacemakers;
    • heart diseases;
    • active vascular disease (thrombosis and / or thrombophlebitis);
    • serious violations of fat metabolism.
The procedure of the anti-cellulite massage in KievOur clinic offers an innovative way to deal with local fat deposits and cellulite -the lymphatic drainage massage. This is the development of the Italian doctors. It is held on the Med2 Contour unit. The efficacy is clinically proven in Europe, USA, Russia and Ukraine. This unit is unique because it is equipped with a patented integrated drainage nozzle. Lipomassage is performed using a special elastomeric membrane, resulting the movement of tissues by the mechanical action.Peculiarities of the procedureMed2 is used to treat cellulite. It will not just be less noticeable: eventually it will just disappear, and you forget about it forever. For best results, we recommend to combine lipomassage with the ultrasonic cavitation.How many treatments you need?The course of treatment is 10-15 visits 2-3 times per week. All depends on the individual. Our expert will give more accurate recommendations during the consultation. Supporting procedures are recommended 1 time in half a year.
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