Are you afraid to do the laser hair removal because of the pain during the procedure and the absence of the desired effect? It is worth trying the photoepilation and feel the difference.

What kind of method is photoepilation?

A lot of cosmetic products and procedures help us to stay beautiful and well-groomed. One of the such procedures is the photoepilation. It is the method of the long-term suppression of unwanted hair growth that has gained popularity and recognition. It made a revolution in the field of getting rid of the excess vegetation with the broadband pulsed light system (IPL) and a selective effect on the hair follicle.

The photoepilation, the IPL and Quantum hair removal are synonyms. They do not have the physical and biological differences. Unlike the laser hair removal, it is a completely painless procedure.

The operating principle of photo-epilation

The hair pigment absorbs a photon of light, causing heating and burning of it together with the the bulb. As a result, the hair follicles change their structure for several sessions, become thinner and disappear. Those hairs that are in an active stage of growth at the time of the procedure, inhibited almost forever. The procedure does not harm the skin, since the head has a specially designed cooling system providing an analgesic effect while minimizing the inconvenience and discomfort.

The advantages of hair removal

результаты после фотоэпиляцииThe operating principle of the laser hair removal and the photoepilation is the same: the heating of the hair follicle and its destruction due to the absorbed light energy or laser energy. The great advantage of the method is painlessness and quickness in the presence of excellent results.

Blonde hair is quite difficult to remove during the laser hair removal. During the photoepilation the shorter wavelengths are used. They are better absorbed by the pigment. In this regard, for people with red, thin brown hair (with the small amount of pigment), such a procedure is significantly more effective than the laser.

The removal of ingrown hair. Photoepilation is indispensable for the inflammatory irritation after the hair removal, as well as their ingrowth regardless of the application area. Noticeable results are already visible after the second or third treatment.

Photorejuvenation. The procedure is accompanied by the improvement of the skin structure (evens the color, narrows pores of the skin and the mouth of the follicle, the density is returned).

The simplicity of the method. The procedure is based on the individual characteristics of a person. Suffice it to 6-8 sessions, and you forget all about the extra hair. Already after the first procedure, the amount of the hair is reduced to 30%, and those that remained, become thinner and less noticeable. The photoepilation is need to be repeated several times, as the hair removal is effective only in the phase of the active growth. No more than 20% of the hair simultaneously in this stage. They are removed during the procedure. Therefore, the hair in the inactive state are not destroyed during a photoepilation. To destroy all hair follicles, it is necessary to conduct the repeated procedures.

Painlessness. Unlike standard types of the hair removal and laser hair removal, a photoepilation method is absolutely painless. The hair follicles are affected by the high quality equipment. You can remove hair on any area, even the most delicate.

The efficiency for all hair types. Some methods can remove only light or only dark hair. The photoepilation struggling with any type of pigmentation.

Contactless. The photon flash during a photoepilation does not require an anesthesia. The Broadband Pulsed Light (IPL) affects the skin at a distance. The zone of the hair that grows at different depths can be treated in the one procedure.

Saving the skin. The light affects only the follicles, destroying them from within. The skin is not damaged and is not violated.

Prolonged effect. Unlike the depilation, the photo epilation gives the results forever. Therefore, giving yourself time for 6-8 sessions, you become a happy owner of a smooth skin.

Cheapness. The price of the photoepilation depends on the treated area. The larger the area, the higher the price. If you compare with other depilation methods, which give a temporary effect, the procedure is more expensive, but the result lasts for years. The price for a photoepilation in Kiev is slightly more expensive due to the high quality, speed of the procedure, the absence of pain and the cost of the devices, if to compare to the laser hair removal.

Photoepilation is suitable for men. The procedure is very popular among men. The main advantage: the photoepilation is very quickly processed (faster than the laser hair removal) large areas, for example, chest and back. If you want you can not to remove the hair completely, but only to reduce their density and growth rate.

Preparations for a photoepilation

Sunbathing is an obstacle for a photoepilation. The main rules of effective preparation for the procedure:

    • do not sunbathe or visit a solarium within 2-3 weeks before the procedure;

    • do not shave vellus hair;

    • do not to pull out the hair in the epilation zone for two weeks prior to the procedure;

    • do not wipe the epilation zone with the alcohol-containing means 3 days before the procedure.

The regime after the procedure

There is no special mode when after the procedure. The patient can immediately return to daily activities. 2-3 weeks after a photoepilation it is forbidden to sunbathe and use the solarium. To protect the cultivated areas of the skin it is recommended to use a sunscreen with a protection factor not less than 30 before going out. During this period, you can not visit the baths, saunas, swimming pools.


One procedure lasts up to 30 minutes, depending on the epilation zone.


The photoepilation in Kiev is the newest and most productive technology of the professional hair removal, surpassing even the laser hair removal. Among its advantages are:

    • painlessness, safe and harmless procedure;

    • efficiency in any type of hair pigmentation;

    • prompt treatment of ingrown hairs;

    • treatment of hirsutism (excessive hair vegetation);

    • skin rejuvenation.

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