Skin Peels

Cosmetologists know that the surface layer of the skin cells gradually die off, and if it is delicately removed, it allows you to activate the regeneration and restoration of the skin, so that it becomes soft, smooth, fresh and a young. For this purpose, Estheticians used to peel – purify, separate, exfoliate. In terms of aesthetic medicine – it is the controlled process of removing the upper layers of the skin.
Peeling, the use of wine and tartaric acid as the main reagents for the purification of the skin, has a long history, stretching right up to the time when salicylic peels appeared and started to be applied successfully. The technique of peeling, as a means of purification and rejuvenation of the skin, appeared in Asia and Ancient Egypt in the Middle Ages, where the local practice of using this procedure has more than one hundred years.
And even today this technique is recognized as one of the best methods of non-surgical rejuvenation of the face and other parts of the body, it is the most claimed and the the most popular procedure in acosmetology. The basis for such popularity is the availability, easiness and speed of use, with a strong effect of skin rejuvenation. Application peeling - fotoof peeling – is a guarantee of renewal of the skin and eliminating its weaknesses, since the procedure is leading to the elimination of wrinkles of different depths, treats acne и неровностей кожного покрова (шрамов, рубцов постакне и т. д.), and skin irregularities (scars, post-acne scars, etc…),cleaning and narrowing the pores. According to their mode of action for the superficial layer of the skin we distinguish peels:chemical, enzymatic, mechanical, laser, radio wave, physical, ultrasound, biological, fruit, salicylic.

Depending on the depth of the impact of active reagents to the skin we distinguish the superficial, middle and deep peels.
We apply the procedure of the face chemical peels, which includes about 11 active reagents. The price of this procedure is very affordable in our clinic.The procedure is painless, comfortable and safe,and you can continue to live by your normal schedule right after it.

Chemical facial peels – is not only the effect of “rejuvenation.” The procedure is effective when you having troubles with:
-Poor complexion
-enlarged skin pores
-distorted microrelief of the skin
-Stretch marks, scars

Chemical pills plays a very important role in the comprehensive treatment of the acne and post-acne, dry skin,and the diffuse keratoma.

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