Almost everyone faced the difficulties of the selection of hair and skin care products.Having tried a lot of improper shampoos, a person gains unexpected problems for their own money, such as dryness, oiliness, brittle, dull hair. In addition, dandruff. And the worst thing – the hair loss.

How and why we are starting to hurt ourselves?the trichologist - results photo

From this moment begins the selftreatment – the search for the magic jars and dubious popular recipes. Of course, they are following after the “magic tips” from your girlfriends and the contradictory information from the forums… which confuse you more and more. Well, it would be great if one of these tools has helped. But what if it made even worse? Let’s stop this vicious cycle.

“The organism of every person is unique and individual,so as the deseases this organism has. Skin and hair- are the bright indicators of the internal state of the organism. They always show you a sighn when you need to be “fixen” inside.

Listen to your own body. Watch your appearance. Something has changed for the worse? Immediately address to the professional” – suggests Tatiana Melnichuk, trichologist cosmetologist, the engineer of the tricology line,the Member of the European Society of Hair Research (EHRS).

When it is time to visit the trichologist

The doctor of this narrow specialization not only deals with such visible problems as: baldness, alopecia baldness (alopecia), which affects 15% of men and women today. It is necessarily to visit to the trichologist, if you already have:

  • Dandruff
  • Splitting hairs (the notorious split ends)
  • Seborrhea
  • Early graying, loss of hair pigment
  • Annular or thinning hair
  • Mycosis
  • Pediculosis
  • Brittle hair

It is useful to make the computer examination, if the hair is lost luster, became lifeless, grows slowly, or, conversely, too fast. In short, when the condition of your hair does not cause the former delight.

How the trichologist can help you

“With help of laboratory studies, a detailed anamnesis, computer diagnostics through trihoskop and other studies, the trichologist reveals the cause of the hair and scalp diseases. Then, makes a treatment plan, – says Tatiana Melnichuk. – It is always individual for every person “

Selection of home care – shampoos, masks, conditioners, styling products and other means – is a very important point in terms of treatment. All of these products must be selected only by a specialist, after passing a preliminary diagnosis. Grooming, health and shine of the hair will give you confidence, attractiveness, pleasure and attract success,as a result.

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