Androgenic alopecia treatment
What is alopecia and androgenic alopecia in particular? This is baldness which is the result of the excessive hair loss. But this is the consequence, and we need to look at the root of the problem. It is a pretty complex problem, because the androgenic alopecia is the impact of hereditary and genetic factors causing excessive hair loss.The situation is exacerbated by the distorted hormones and by the presence of an excess of the male hormone-androgen in males, and – surprisingly – females.

Why does hair fall out?lechenie-alopecii

Alopecia is divided into 2 large classification: scarring (with irreversible consequences when bulb and the follicle is broken) and nonscarring alopecia.The latter includes three main types of alopecia: a diffuse (quick and even hair loss over the entire area of the head), focal (areas and islets balding ), androgen (the area of baldness gradually or rapidly increasing , sometimes even eyebrows and eyelashes suffer).

Since we are talking about the androgen type, it is vital to know the most critical periods of hormonal imbalance.

  • Both sexes – adolescence with his hormonal storm.
  • The men – age after thirty.
  • Women – the period before, after childbirth, the menopause.
  • Severe stress.
  • Racing Weight (eating, alternating with starvation).

Alopecia: reasons and triggers of the disease

The disease often becomes a trigger of alopecia, especially progressing disease, ignored by the patient without consulting of the specialist. Here are these diseases:

  1. Disorders of the endocrine system (in most cases, kidney and thyroid).
  2. Vegetative imbalance.
  3. Neuropsychiatric disorders
  4. Disorders of the digestive system, especially the stomach and the small intestine.
  5. Brittle vessels.
  6. Disorders of the enzymatic nature of the epidermal layer of the skin.
  7. Malabsorption of fatty acids.
  8. Infectious and inflammatory processes of the scalp.

Precisely because of the fact that alopecia is able to occur because of these diseases, diagnosis in modern foreign equipment is required . Our clinic operates the best diagnostic equipment in Ukraine.

Disappointing statistics

The causes of maleandrogenic alopecia, are not always fully recognized, and the representatives of the stronger sex suffer from it in the 15% – up to 30 years, half of cases – men after 50 and more than 75% of cases – after 65 years. This type of alopecia of men is accompanied by destruction of the follicles and the hair follicles.lechenie-alopecii-vidy

Treatment of female androgenic alopecia Is required in 12% of cases up to 30 years, more than a quarter of cases transferred to 50-year mark and 40% of women suffer from this type of baldness after 65-70 years. It is worth mentioning that the rapid loss of hair on the head of women can be accompanied by violent growth in the facial area (above the lip), leg area, crotch, armpits, and increased fat content of the skin and enhanced due to fat production and pores pollution.

Androgenic alopecia treatment

The treatment of the disease for both sexes – not a quick but complicated process. Therefore, complex approach is necessary, self-medication is forbidden and might hurt your health even worse. After all, every body has its own peculiarities and the neglecting towards them may reduce efforts to cope with the hair loss.

Лечение андрогенной алопеции у мужчин и женщин предполагает комплексный подход в несколько этапов. Это медикаментозные методы: назначение препаратов с цинком, аминокислотными метаболитами, витаминно-минеральных комплексов, ноотропов. По назначению врача применяется гормонозаместительная терапия.

The treatment of the androgenetic alopecia of males and females requires a comprehensive approach in several stages. We use such medical methods: the zinc preparation appointment , amino acid metabolites, vitamin-mineral complexes, nootropics. is used hormone replacement therapy also used according to the doctor’s prescription.

Treatment is carried out with the help of the ointment with solcoseryl, heparin, aminophylline and so on. It is great to add the head and neck massage to improve the microcirculation of blood and lymph. Especially effective in a combination with physiotherapy. Huge results are obtained by laser and microcurrents on the powerful BTL-500 equipment. These techniques show the results after the first session. This is followed by the growth effect, the hair becomes stronger and begin to grow better. These techniques are good by their absolute safety. They soothe the irritation and swelling, improve the circulation,and stimulate the hair growth.

A special place in the treatment of the alopecia takes Plazmalift. This modern, super-efficient procedure in which the skin of the head introduced with an extract from the patient’s own blood. It is so effective that sometimes it takes only one procedure to eliminate the problem of hair loss.

Mesotherapy involves injecting of the individually calculated composition into the problem areas. These shakes help to eliminate the pattern hair loss, and help to cope with such a complex disease as androgenic alopecia. Contact our experts and they will be happy to help you. Our clinic guarantees the comfort, efficiency and absolute confidentiality.
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