Hair loss

Every third woman in the world and one in four menl sooner or later faces with the very unpleasant problem like hair loss.There are more strands on comb, hair looks lifeless, and the mood worse…Our appearance starts with head, you can’t argue with that. How to treat hair loss, what are the symptoms of it and what to do to deal with the problem?162

The danger of hair loss

This is not only a cosmetic defect, spoiled hair, inability to grow long thick hair. Bald spots and lifeless hairs on the comb is an indicator of health. Rare strands can say that we have the hidden health problems. This may not occur,Outwardly, but the condition of the head is a signal of hidden diseases:

  • thyroid gland;
  • scalp;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • chronic stress or depression;
  • vitamin deficiency;
  • genetic abnormalities.

How do I know that the hair loss is higher than normal?

Hair loss is a natural process. Normally, every day human drops from 100 to 150 hairs. New hair grows from bulbs on their place. This process is called regeneration. Perform the test if the growth process is broken, and you notice a loss of more than usual.

Take the fallen hair with your fingertips, and examine carefully. If in the the end of it there is a bulb, it is light, not dark-the loss of hair is natural. If the there is no bulb – it is time to visit a doctor.

Now carry out a new test, but with tufts of hair. For the purity of the experiment do not comb the whole day. By evening, gather your hair into a bun in three different parts of the head and pull on the line bundles.

Take three white sheet of paper and put your hair in the each of them in turn.
Count how many hairs appeared on each sheet. If each pile is less than 15 hairs, everything is normal. If there are more than 15-20, so there is cause for concern: hair loss exceeds the norm.

vypadenie-volos-alopeciyaWhat to do next?

It is necessary to consult a trichologist. The doctor doesn’t need to make checking manipulation by hand, as you were doing. The diagnostics will be done with the help of special equipment, which is determine the cause of the hair loss the condition of the bullbs and rods. The doctor prescribes the professional treatment,based on this diagnostics.The diagnosis may require additional tests and researches to exclude side diseases. Such as:

If the hair loss treatment requires additional specification of the diagnosis, your doctor may recommend further endocrinologist,oncologist, internist, dermatologist, venereologist consultation.

Hazardous hairstyles

You can be absolutely healthy (which seems to be a fairy tale in the modern world), but the risk for your hair may be expected from your … hairstyles. The hair strapped too tight can’t withstand the loads and starts to break, “come out” from the bulbs. So this is how the hair loss starts for women who are fond of African braids, dreadlocks, hair extension, aggressive perm and hot rollers. Even your love to tight ponytails causing irreparable harm to the hair.

Other causes of hair loss, which are worth knowing

В жизни женщин есть периоды, на которые волосы реагируют не лучшим образом. Это беременность, когда стоит включить в рацион продукты с цинком и кальцием или принимать их в составе витаминных комплексов. Это климакс или предклимактерический период, когда из-за недостатка того же кальция становятся ломкими не только волосы, но и кости.

Hormonal fluctuations occur at any age because of the frequent change of sexual partners, stressful lifestyle, lack of sleep, frequent travels and the climate change, the body doesn’t have time to adapt, and also cause the hair loss. Hair reacts negatively on uncontrolled and abnormal receiving of the medications.Fast changing of the diets brings the additional risk – there is no faster and more “efficient” way to ruin your own hair.

Natural protection

Say “no” to the metal comb: they cause microtraumas to the skin of the head and cleave the hair shaft, which consists of tiny flakes. The hair structure breaks, it becomes brittle and you are just lost how to solve your problem.

Weak and brittle hair can be protected by the lamination (the thin layer, which gives flexibility and elasticity of the rod is applied to the hair). A well-chosen care products: shampoo without parabens and fragrances,the organic conditioner, mask for strengthening hair with the burdock, nettles and hops.

Weak and brittle hair can be protected by the lamination (the thin layer, which gives flexibility and elasticity of the rod is applied to the hair).A well-chosen care products: shampoo without parabens and fragrances,the organic conditioner, mask for strengthening hair with the burdock, nettles and hops. And, of course, you need to include the nutrition of protein and dairy products (meat, milk, sour cream, yogurt), eggs, nuts, iron-containing fruits and vegetables: apples, grapes, quince. It is an excellent natural remedy against the hair loss. Get exercise within reasonable limits to improve the blood circulation of the head for the better oxygen incoming.

The best treatment for hair loss

As well as monitoring the nutrition, hygiene and sport, the complex therapy, prescripted by the doctor, will help you to get rid of the problem. So, in addition to the medication (if required),the best of modern ways to restore the hair are Plazmalift and mesotherapy – also the fastest, painless and effective ways.

Plazmalift is a plasma injection, the extract from the patient’s own blood. Today it is the most natural and effective way to treat all forms of alopecia (baldness) that has been invented . The procedures are so safe that they can be held since 15 years. The effect is noticeable after the first procedure, lasts up to six months. It takes only one procedure,2-3 – in complex cases.

Mesotherapy – is a technique which employs multiple injections of pharmaceutical and homeopathic medications, plant extracts, vitamins, and other ingredients to make your hair stronger, grow rapidly and become flexible. The procedure can be used for any type of hair, in any condition.

Our clinic has an experienced team of certified specialists who will prompt, what to do during the hair loss, and will make for you an individual program of the therapy.

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