Diagnostics at the private gynecological clinic



Translated from the Greek, gynecologyis a medical science for the study of women (“Gyneco” – a woman, “logos” – the study). The industry has flourished already in 1737 at the Paris Royal Academy. A first information about it yet known from the Egyptian “gynecological” papyrus of the XIX century. B.C.

World experience in the service of gynecologists

The private gynecology in Kiev в клинике Medical Practice Dr. Danatsko is the innovative methods in the practice of medicine. Women’s health (sexual and reproductive) is so important, that affects all areas of her life: family, work, relationships with new people. Professional experts of our clinic care about your comfortable and safe staying at our clinic.cic 15

Our VIP-Clinic is closed. Therefore, the main attention the entire staff – from the office manager to the chief physician – giving to your comfort and care about you.

  What awaits each patient when you contact us?

Gynecological center services

We provide complete prenatal preparation and service of the Deluxe class. The specialized gynecology clinic in Kyiv does not leave patients before, during and after the pregnancy and childbirth. Complex programs under the supervision of gynecologists, obstetricians and related professionals will help in the fight against infertility, in care, recovery and rehabilitation of the body. The clinic has its own gynecological center with great service

Our service includes:

  • Full survey of women and prevention package before and after 40 years.
  • Modern instrumental diagnostics (including expert opinions, photos colposcopy, MRI, CT, ultrasound, colposcopy of the cervix and cervical canal).
  • Laboratory diagnosis.
  • Coagulation.
  • Blood tests for fetal infections.
  • PCR studies on sexual infections.
  • Hormonal correction (including blood tests for hormones).
  • Treatment of diseases by the schemes, proven in modern practice of world medicine.

Complex physiotherapy

In our clinic, we presented the latest diagnostic and therapeutic equipment from the best manufacturers (Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic). The gynecological clinic in Kiev can handle the most difficult women’s diseases and effectively treat them with the help of the this equipment:

With combination therapy, we effectively treat complex diseases such as ovarian apoplexy, ovarian cysts, mycoplasmosis, genital herpes, atrophic vaginitis, adnexitis. Use all the services that can provide only a modern gynecology clinic. The professionals of the Medical Practice Dr. Danatsko always fully render the assistance and professional consultation.

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