4 particularly effective ways to correct the breast and a few words about harmful products
All sorts of horror stories are written about correction of breasts (especially after the childbirth). Yet women find particularly effective ways to give the perfect form to their mammary glands and look like the goddess. But even if the technique is extremely effective, it will always has its pros and cons. Even if you have achieved a stunning effect what can ruin it?Method №1. Massages and algotherapyMasks with algae combined with massages have a good effect. But only for those whose breast haven’t lost its form a lot. For the owners of the luxurious breast, descended after birth, this is clearly insufficient.The mask with algae from the pros, will tighten the skin, stimulate the growth of elastin cells. Massage techniques complement the picture: the breasts slightly rise above.Method №2. Lifting stimulationThis is a set of procedures aimed at breast correction, especially after the childbirth. The breast is restored not at once, but gradually. On the other hand – for a long time and confidently. These are special creams and serums with a lifting effect, skillful massage, firming mask, modeling gels.What gives such an approach? The skin is fueled, it becomes elastic. The breast volume increases. It pulled up at 3-4 cm.Of course, it takes time for an integrated approach: 10-15 sessions repeated every 4-6 months. Instead you do not injure your skin, properly run the recovery process, strengthen bust.Method №3. Lifting with CryomassagekrioterapiyaSafe, yet very effective method. Cryotherapy is used at the reduced immunity (especially useful for the organism weakened after the childbirth), violation of blood flow, the skin tone. With its help our doctors relieve swelling after the surgery, make the skin soft, supple and elastic.Additionally to the lifting effect of this procedure, the skin is saturated with vitamins and minerals. They enrich the skin, improve the immunity, make it resistant to disease. And most importantly – the technique helps to tighten the skin and muscles in problem areas. The breast becomes beautiful and firm.This procedure is non-invasive: the physiotherapist the liquid nitrogen applies to the skin with a wooden spatula. There are no unpleasant sensations: only a slight tingling sensation and a pleasant chill. The effect is visible after the first session. In total, there have to be 10-15 procedures are carried out in a day or two. They last 10 minutes. The cryomassage acts to a greater depth, so the results are long.Method №4. Beauty-Tek Therapyavitaplus2012230This method is superior in their effectiveness than all the previous three. It gives a stunning result. Microcurrents plus lifting – is the last word in the non-surgical medicine correction of figure. And of course – the breast. Microcurrent therapy competes successfully with injections of beauty, the number of its fans grows. Why?The Beauty-Tek equipment is used for such procedures. The technique helps women even after the mammoplasty, liposuction, restoring skin tone, modeling the body and breast. Biocybernetics enters to the fight for the beauty! After 12-18 sessions (held every other day) breasts become more beautiful than it was before the childbirth. This technique helps to remove stretch marks (striae) – after the sessions they are almost invisible, or even disappear.Microcurrents affect the muscular layer, penetrating deep into the skin. That, of course, beyond the power of creams and gels. They stimulate the blood flow, lymph flow, do not cause complications and do not require a rehabilitation.Eating to correct the breast?Do you think you can eat that horrible? Certainly not. In order to make breasts beautiful, you need a special diet. It is proved that there are foods that are harmful and useful for breast growth. Especially if a woman underwent the childbirth and her hormones changed.krasivaya-grudWhat’s bad for the shape of the breast?
    • Hard diet.
    • Sharp fluctuations in the diet (cakes first, then – a week on kefir).
    • Protein diet.
    • Ketchup, marinades.
    • Semi-finished products with amplifiers of taste and smell.
    • Cupcakes with lots of cream.
What foods are good for the shape of the breast
    • Sea fish
    • Dairy products – sour cream, kefir, yoghurt (natural) milk.
    • Eggs (especially of quail).
    • Groats (buckwheat, rice, corn).
    • Oat flakes.
    • Berries (seasonal, not canned).
    • Vegetable salads, especially with the inclusion of cabbage and broccoli.
    • All kinds of beans (they contain phytoestrogens, promote the growth of the breast).
Water and juicesDuring the passage of the correction techniques, exercise, water and other clean enough liquid is a chief assistant. But do not follow the general rule – 1.5-2 liters of fluid per day, unless you have weak kidneys and tendency to edema (especially in summer). These girls should better drink a glass of water between meals reception – for 20-30 minutes before and after half an hour after.In order to not lose a breast form, juices are useful: natural grape, pomegranate (improves blood quality), vegetable – fresh carrot, cabbage, tomato and pumpkin. Besides of vitaminization of the body, they work as detoxicants, purifying the blood and removing the toxins.A glass of fresh juice on an empty stomach, nutrition and beauty treatments – what more is needed for a beautiful breast? Only the desire to become more beautiful. And do not do that is harmful for you.

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