Acne photo treatment
  Acne photo treatment Spots and pimples appear on our skin during adolescence. Our hair follicles contain sebaceous glands that produce an oily substance called sebum. During puberty, the hormone production coincides with increasing testosterone levels, which leads to increased secretion of the sebaceous glands. The glands are filled with this substance, epidermal cells exfoliate and ugly blackheads or pimples appear. But that makes them appear as we get older? It seems that the main source is the digestive system, and as long as there is no scientific evidence that indicates, with any degree of certainty, on the guilt of the food, there is no doubt that the abuse of certain foods – such as fried – often directly associated with the appearance of acne. There are other related reasons, such as stress, the use of certain medicaments or cosmetics and pregnancy. There are more than theories about acne and occurrence of spots – a problem that affects 30% of people aged of 15 and 20 years. It is not recognized by standard medicine, but it can help us to understand the complexity of it. According to Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, for example, a map of facial blemishes and pimples detects light or more extensive problems with specific organs of the body. A few examples?The forehead corresponds to the liver and gallbladder. In this case, you need to avoid all forms of junk food, reduce the amount of fat in our diet, and remove as much as possible of toxins, preferring a natural, raw foods.Chin represents the level of hormones. Most of all helps a good long sleepand receiving of omega 3. If the state does not change, it is necessary to consult a gynecologist.Lip contour corresponds with the intestines. And once again, our worst enemy is our diet. Eat more fiber and adhere to the diet rich in fruits and vegetables – this is the best that can be done.The nose is directly connected to the heart and lungs. The number of acne can be reduced, saying goodbye to spicy food and decreasing the amount of salt intake by opting multifarious diet of fruits, vegetables and nuts, such as, for example, walnuts.Whatever the reasons are, what can we do? The first thing that should be avoided – it is squeezing pimples. On hands are bacteria that can lead to secondary infections or residual scars. So, it is better not to use oils for the face and thoroughly clean the skin with high quality products.Looking for a permanent solution? One of the newest and most effective methods of treatment acne – is phototherapy (light therapy). Pulsed light relieves from acne for a long time, because it reduces the number of bacteria, stimulates the production of oxygen and disinfects the area of treatment. 3Face and Med Flash II CS – devices, developed by General Project for the treatment of acne. The possibility of using the effect of light with different wavelengths allows for safe treatment of acne for all skin types.For acne phototherapy, we use special technology: the visible light of the special range is applied to the skin in a very short, intense flashes, bright and warm.It is an interesting mechanism of phototherapy. It is proved that moderate and severe forms of acne are caused mainly by propionibacteria acne. This type of micro-organisms in the process of life accumulates a specific pigment inside and outside the bacterial bodies. This pigment is a biological target for pulsed light phototherapy. Photons of light are absorbed by the pigment particles, causing the death of microorganisms – causative agents of acne. The very next day after the session phototherapy, the drying of inflammatory cells rash and a decrease in inflammation is noticeable. Gradually, the skin is cleansed from the inflammatory rashes, reduced fat content, the rash no longer appears, dark spots from past eruptions become lighter and fade. Phototherapy sessions, repeated periodically (2 times per week), cause persistent skin improvement. For a stable result is required to spend 8-10 sessions.Actually phototherapy session is held comfortably and safely: purified facial skin is treated with flashes of light. At this point, you can feel the heat and glare of light. After the procedure, you can keep an active lifestyle, the restrictions apply only to the sunbathing in the bright sun.With the help of modern equipment and 3Face,  Med Flash II CS from the company General Project (Italy) for the photo treatment and the clinical experience of doctors of the Clinic Of  Instrumental Cosmetology “CIC”, the excellent results in the treatment of acne are achievable without drugs, comfortably and efficiently.

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