Barrier methods of contraception

Barrier methods of contraception for men – condoms

Pros and Cons of Condom!


  • The remedy is effective, if it is used during every sexual intercourse.
  • To purchase a condom, do not need a prescription or medical examination.
  • Usually there are no side effects. In rare cases, it may be a manifestation of allergic reaction to latex.
  • The only way that not only protects against unwanted pregnancies, but also reduces the risk of STDs, including AIDS
  • The remedy, which can be used after childbirth and during breastfeeding.
    Possible problems:

  • Old or damaged condoms can occasionally break during intercourse.
  • Some couples complain about the decrease in sensitivitymuzhskie-prezervativy


    Important information

  • Worldwide, about 40 million of pairs use condoms. In the US, more than 10% of women aged 15-44 years rely on condoms to protect against unwanted pregnancy.
  • Condoms are less effective than other modern contraceptives, because the couple do not use it during every sexual intercourse. With the proper use of condoms chance of getting pregnant is 5%.
  • Condom use reduces the risk of transmission of Hiv approximately 70%.
  • Condoms also protect against sexually transmitted diseases.
  • The condom is one of the best methods of contraception for teenagers and young people.

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