BeautyTek Premium


At the heart of a unique apparatus BeautyTek Premium lie NASA space technologies. The device works on the principle of the biocybernetic therapy that helps to restore the electrical balance of the body cells. Aging process starts in the cells, and the device helps to restore their electrical balance, it stimulates personal human resources, thereby providing stable and growing effect. During the procedure, the bioelectric state of the field is determined, which is processed on the basis of the data obtained, Beautytek delivers pulses and modulates the special characteristic of healthy cells. It helps to restore the bioenergetic balance of the body, starting the process of collagen synthesis and cell regeneration, opening lymph flow and improving blood flow. Also activates lipid metabolism and restores the water-electrolyte balance.

Is designed for all areas of the body.

  • non-invasive method, painless and comfortable to use.
  • A huge database of experimental data, “digital map” of the human body make it possible to localize the possible deviations in the parameters of the body’s biopotential.
  • A large variety of overlays for different parts of the body (including those for mammary glands).
  • The analysis in real time and “smart probes,” with embedded control microchips enhance the stimulation.
  • The head of the probe is made of antibacterial and hypoallergenic stainless steel with a handy LED indicator control.
  • Built-in Photo Station and easy to use viewer for effective documentation.
  • Paraben free electrolytes are made specifically for use with this device, and ensure better results.

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