BTX TECH – Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate
k-Bio BTXThe concentrate with hexapeptide reduces the depth of facial wrinkles. Especially in the areas around the eyes and lips. It’s an effective tool for correction of facial wrinkles.Active ingredients:Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 10%Argireline (acetyl hexapeptide-8)It prevents muscle contraction, thereby preventing the appearance of facial wrinkles. Argireline acts at the level of the neuromuscular synapse, prevents the release of acetylcholine, blocks the conduction of nerve impulses, which leads the muscle in motion. The preparation based on acetyl hexapeptide-8 – is the new generation of biologically safe cosmetics. This is an alternative to injections of BOTOX. Preparations are non-toxic, do not have side effects, is well tolerated by the skin.The main difference between the action of acetyl-hexapeptide-8 from the effects of BOTOX is that hexapeptide only slows the conduction of nerve impulses, thereby gently relaxing the muscle. Botulinum toxin completely ceases the transmission of impulses between cells significantly affects the facial expressions. Clinical studies have shown a decrease in the depth of wrinkles for 27% within 30 days of application, the suppression of the formation of new wrinkles.Indications: Removal of wrinkles and expression lines in the periocular area.PROTOCOL: Face – 2 ml.TECHNOLOGY: papule technique, linear retrograde.COURSE: 4 treatments, 1 treatment every 7-10 days. Supporting procedures in 2-3 months.

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