Circumcision – is a surgical intervention, during which completely or partially removed the foreskin – phallic skin covering the head. Then it remains open: the whole or half. Circumcision is performed in our clinic in Kiev by experienced surgeons for minimally traumatic techniques.Modern methods of circumcisionplastika_uzdechkiExperienced urologists-andrologists make circumcision after a thorough examination. The indication can be the foreskin plastic surgery without incision or circumcision by laser.The first mention of circumcision have met even at Pharaohs of ancient Egypt, in particular, in their sixth dynasty.Modern methods on the newest foreign equipment are bloodless, safe and do not require a rehabilitation period or require a minimum rehabilitation.Indications for circumcision for childrenCircumcision of boys is carried out not only on medical, but also on religious grounds. Medical evidence is not more than 18% of all who come to this operation. Recommended age of children – from the birth to 7-8 years. The main indication to be circumcised is phimosis. This pathology, in which the foreskin is narrowed, and the boy can not reveal the head of the penis.This leads to problems with urination; because of the impossibility of proper hygienic measures infections and inflammations are developing. The complication is the scarry process, which is not allowed because the treatment can be traumatic and painful.Until 3-4 years phimosis in the child may pass by itself, so do not rush with the surgery. Parents should consult a doctor and discuss how circumcision affects the body, the pros and cons, and even then make a decision on the methods of treatment.Indications for circumcision for adultsThere are much more indications for circumcision for adults, than for children. These include:
                • phimosis;
                • premature ejaculation;
                • foreskin injury with its further growth;
                • problems opening glans in connection with abnormal tissue;
                • balanitis or lihenioz phallus (inflammation of unknown origin);
                • carring of the foreskin.
The price of professional and safe circumcision in Kiev varies depending on individual factors, and it should be done only on the testimony of an urologist. This can greatly facilitate the sexual life, in particular, to correct premature ejaculation, and to reduce the likelihood of developing complications of inflammatory and infectious diseases.

Benefits of circumcision

the feeling of relief during the urinary act

reduction in the risk of sexually transmitted infections

improving of the quality of sexual life

prevention of malignancies

the duration of sexual intercourse increases due to the coarsening of the head

change of the penis

facilitating hygiene

Minuses of circumcisionCircumcision in Kyiv is carried out under the local anesthesia to eliminate pain shock. Before you undertake such a pain relief, it is necessary to conduct tests for susceptibility to the drugs. The disadvantages of circumcision include:
                • complications (rare), including edema, inflammation;
                • a slight deformation of the penis due to the skin tension, if circumcision is carried out properly and excised a larger area of skin.obrezanie_cirkumciziya
Diagnosis of circumcisionBaseline survey package for circumcision in our clinic in Kiev includes:
                • general blood analysis;
                • general urine analysis;
                • analysis of blood glucose;
                • blood group and Rh factor;
                • ECG.
Laser circumcisionAdvantagesof laser circumcision, the price of which in Kiev varies depending on the severity of the problem and the medical indications:
                • bloodlessness,
                • low-impact,
                • the accuracy of the exposure on the treated area,
                • lack of rehabilitation.
During the laser operation, takes place the simultaneous sealing of tissues and the coagulation of the blood vessels, so the wound does not bleed. This eliminates the risk of infection. Since the method is low-traumatic, there is no swelling of the tissues, as in conventional surgery.The laser operates at a high temperature, therefore the decontamination occur simultaneously. It does not allow infections to penetrate through the damaged tissue of the foreskin. Laser circumcision duration twice as fast as conventional circumcision. During the healing process, the painful sensations are small, they are much lower than after the traditional circumcision.
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