Cold laser for youthful skin

cic 79Currently, there is the intensive introduction of laser radiation in medicine. The unique properties of the laser beam opened wide possibilities of use in many areas of medical practice, including cosmetics. The impact of low-intensity laser radiation leads to subsiding inflammation and stimulation of regenerative processes in the human body. The apparatus BeautyTek Light is a low-intensity laser and has 3 wavelengths:

  • wavelength of 635 nm (visible);
  • wavelength of 655 nm (visible);
  • wavelength 785 nm (invisible);

This unit is used for laser biorevitalisation, ie non-injective Hyaluron acid skin saturation. BeautyTek Light can quickly restore the concentration of hyaluronic acid in the skin due to the combined action of the laser radiation, and hyaluronic acid.

The procedure consists of two phases:

In the first step, an infrared laser operates in a pulsed mode for better skin permeability.

In the second stage, a constant infrared laser mode is used to link the short molecules of a long chain of hyaluronic acid. All together it gives a long expressed skin moisturizing effect. After the treatment, the skin shines and glows with health.

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