CrossFit Craze
CrossFit Craze: maintaining body in good shape – Myths and Reality Perfect for those who need an intensive fitness regime of energy consumption, CrossFit has a huge success, not only in the US, but is becoming more widespread, and strengthens its position even in Italy. This regime was born in the 70s and it is based on intensive energy consumption and acceleration of metabolism. But is this sport suitable for everyone? What are the pros and cons?
It can be classified as “high intensity mode” because it is based on training with high energy consumption. What are we talking about? A new trend, which is the fashion among both experienced fitness enthusiasts, and among the beginners who are looking for a new experience: CrossFit – is a system of training, which is ‘medley’ of the exercises.CrossFit World contains climbing, running, working out with free weights and more. The concept begins with the question, which is very simple, but the answer to that is complex, if we measure what needs to be done: “What is needed to a soldier to be strong”? The question that was asked by the inventor of this program for strengthening the body. We’re talking about Greg Glassman, who was a member of the US armed forces in ’70 -x, and who had the idea to transform the training for soldiers of the Marine Corps into the training for ordinary people from the streets.
Some of his statements provoked a great response, such as the statement made in 2005 in the New York Times: “It can kill you, I have always been completely honest in this matter.”
The statement, which clearly shows how hard these exercises can be. Classes last for 30 to 60 minutes and combines a wide range of equipment such as balls, rings, ropes, dumbbells and weights. Although the length of employment quite limited, intensity, as emphasized, is extremely high. Training consists of various programs, which are designed to the maximum physical and mental efforts, it is due to the fact that the time allotted for each exercise is limited.
What are the advantages and disadvantages? 
One of the main advantages is that the results are significant: CrossFit increases muscle mass and improves stamina, physical strength, flexibility and balance. You lose weight and fat mass, due to the acceleration of metabolism and heart function.
кроссфит увеличивает мышечную массу и повышает выносливость, физическую силу, гибкость и баланс. Вы теряете вес и жировую массу, благодаря ускорению обмена веществ и работы сердца.
Another great advantage of this mode is that it can be carried out in a gym or in the park or home because there are special WODs (exercise of the day), which can be carried out without the need for equipment. But shortcomings, no doubt, too. What are they? The first training should be planned and controlled by a personal trainer, taking into account your personal level. It should be noted that in the homeland CrossFit constantly raises questions about its possible shortcomings. While the Washington Post points out that there is no scientific evidence to support this fact, Pubmed published research exposing that the level of injury in the sport, is higher than in others. There is a constant risk of problems with the tendons and joints: so you need to have an almost complete understanding of the needs of your body, in order to avoid damage. This mode is also not recommended for those who have difficulty of the heart, or problems affecting the bones, joints and breathing.

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