Privat dermatologist-venereologist

The dermatologist-venereologist combines the two specialties at once. The first – the treatment of the skin, hair and mucous membranes (the dermis in Latin – the skin). The second – the elimination of infections, sexually transmitted infections: Venus – the goddess of love, from here is the origin of sexually transmitted diseases. With this wide range of problems, please contact our clinic.prostatit

What does the dermatologist-venereologist do?

Dermatologist removes the causes of diseases, that have led to a breach of the functions and structure of the skin. They are often associated with hidden inflammatory processes, diseases of internal organs, of which the patient is not even aware. To identify these reasons – is the first task of the physician, leading to successful treatment.

The private venereologist in Kiev may appoint the consultation of other specialists: cosmetologist, allergist, gastroenterologist. A comprehensive survey will correctly identify the cause of the symptoms (skin rash, redness, painful urination, whites and others). The patient may take an allergic rash, for example, for an eruption caused by genital infection.

What diseases are treated in our clinic

This range is extremely wide, as we have our own technical base of diagnostic and physiotherapy equipment. In the list of the most complex diseases, we can help you with, the following:

  • pustular skin lesions;
  • all types of herpes (zoster, genital, etc.);
  • papillomavirus infections (warts of all kinds);
  • dermatitis and dermatoses (skin, atopic, neyrodermatoz);
  • eczema species (including seborrheic);
  • scab, erythema, fungal infections;
  • sexually transmitted infections and other diseases.


The venereologist in our clinic in Kievappoints examination on the equipment and by the technologies that perfectly fit to each case.

  • Analyses on sexual infections.
  • Tests hormones.
  • MRI
  • CT (computed tomography).
  • General blood and urine tests.
  • Spermogram for men.
  • Screening for women.
  • Ultrasound study, including transvaginal ultrasound..

The medical procedures are assigned after the clarification and correction of the diagnosis. The principle of our clinic – surgical intervention is prescribed only as a last resort when other methods do not work. Our doctors will carefully examine each patient and prescribe a secure complex therapy.

Dermatologist-venereologist treatment

Modern revolutionary methods of the influence on the body bring results much faster than traditional medical treatment. Our physicians have been in the practice of the best European clinics in Europe and the United States. The patient sees and feels the results of treatment after the first procedure.

Laser therapy BTL-500021248

It is carried on the universal device, acting on the organism with the the low-energy laser radiation. The method activates the natural forces of the body, reduces inflammation, swelling, pain. It is used in complex diseases such as genital herpes, itching, irritation during sexual infection, vulvitis, prostatitis and others.

Impulse magnetotherapy BTL-09

By acting on the body’s magnetic field with the properly chosen frequency, you can achieve amazing results. Edema is boiled over, the blood pressure normalizes, immunity increases, inflammation goes away. This method is used during urethritis, prostate hyperplasia, endometriosis, adnexitis and other diseases.

Radio wave therapy BTL-21

This modern method of physical therapy is based on the electro-wave oscillations with the frequency of 2450 MHz. It is perfect for sensitive people who are prone to allergic reactions, it reduces inflammation, pain, stimulates the immune system. The radio wave therapy in Venereology is used for prostatitis, inflammation of the uterus, erosions its appendages, ovarian cysts, adnexitis. adnexitisThe venereal disease go hand in hand with gynecological ones.

What are the advantages of procedureskonsultaciya_urologa

  1. The rehabilitation period is something, that unsettles any patient. Indeed, so eager to get back after the treatment to work, family and leisure. After our procedures, the rehabilitation period is not required. Sessions take a little time and are appointed with the most effective interval (between 1 day and more).
  2. Painlessness – something that is particularly appreciated in the treatment. In our clinic the patients feel as comfortable as possible.
  3. Procedures act locally (only those skin areas that require treatment are treated ). Tissues around the treated area will not be involved.
  4. The methods are suitable for the treatment of the most difficult and delicate places, because the apparatus, equipped with nozzles, helps with that.

The dermatologist-venereologist in Kiev will help to cope with your illness in confidence, maintaining full patient confidentiality.

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