Convex plaques on the skin, ugly pink and white spots, flakes in the most unexpected places – this is what we sometimes see in our friends, and some of us, unfortunately, at home. This is psoriasis – it belongs to the species alphos. This disease is dermatosis, it is not transferred to another person, and it is not contagious.disease is dermatosis, it is not transferred to another person, and it is not contagious.Thaese are men and women in approximately equal amounts. The disease can occur at any age. The most “hot” period of manifestation – 15 years (teens) to 25 years. Statistically, it is found that one-third of the first manifestations of psoriasis falls on adolescence and youth up to 20 years.Motes, protruding above the surface of the skin, extremely dry, with crumbling flakes, called papules. They find one another, merge and form plaque. These are areas of chronic forms of inflammation. If to make the analysis, it will show they have an excessive number of macrophages, lymphocytes, and keratinocytes, tiny capillaries under the skin. It thickened and much denser than normal in the affected areas.Spots can be silver or white. They are called paraffin lakes because of the similarity with drops of wax, were scattered on the skin. Most often they can be seen in places of folds and tension – at the elbows, behind the knees, on the buttocks. Psoriatic “lakes” can be seen on the head and on the palms, soles, even in the groin and external genitalia. It may be a small local area (eg, nails) or fairly voluminous affected area.Types of psoriasisThe manifestations and forms of the disease differ from each other, can be manifested in different ways, although the causes of psoriasis are not always possible to identify.Pustular psoriasis (the most dangerous type). It appears suddenly, changing the skin and the skin takes shape of numerous groups of papules. Lots of capture are very extensive. It is accompanied by weakness, fever, headache.The dirty yellow plates are visible on the skin at the exudative form. It is accompanied by a change in the composition of blood. Most people suffer from it with varying degrees of obesity, diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism.Psoriatic arthritis – one of the most severe manifestations of psoriasis. In addition to rashes on the skin, blood vessels are affected, sore and inflamed. There are signs, similar to the clinical picture of osteochondrosis, when the spine is affected.Psoriatic erythrodermaThe islets on the skin are not pink, but bright red in color, covered with white scales. If the course of disease is heavy, the internal organs structure breaks down. At the light stage there are almost no symptoms, but during severe- a person loses much weight and feels weak.Plaque psoriasisThis form of the most characteristic, it affects up to 80% of all patients with this disease. The most problematic areas – forehead on the border of the hair growth, scalp, elbows and behind the knees area (the area of bends, straightening). When teardrop shape in these areas are manifested those “wax lakes”, like splashes of melted candles.Atypical psoriasisIn this form of the disease problem areas are formed at the fold lines, and where arms and legs are bent.What provokes manifestations of psoriasis?Periods of spontaneous eruptions on the skin are often the periods of stress. Psoriasis is provoked by uncontrolled consumption of alcohol, the explicit and implicit nature of the infection. There is evidence that the disease can be caused by genetic factors.If psoriasis is not treated, it progresses. Exacerbations can relate to all the new skin. In some patients, psoriasis runs smoothly, without waves and downs. Psoriasis can provoke inflammation of the joints (psoriatic arthritis or arthropathy). These complex diseases affecting up to 15% of people with psoriasis.Diagnostics of psoriasisSpecial surveys in psoriasis (especially during the heavy clinical course) include:
        • Blood and urine.
        • Rheumatic sample.
        • Histological analyzes (if necessary).
        • To rule out other diseases of the skin – its biopsy.
Additional tests are administered on the advice of the attending physician. These may include immune and endocrine studies.Is it possible to cure psoriasis?It is quite difficult. Yet modern techniques exist, which are already used in Europe. One of the most effective and innovative methods for the treatment of psoriasis is phototherapy. In our clinic we have powerful equipment, with which you can make life easier for patients with psoriasis and improve its quality.A strong pruritus, psoriatic plaques on the skin does not give a person to effectively build a personal life, a career, make it impossible to feel comfortable. Often it is an obstacle even in order to have a pet.How to treat psoriasisOne of the most modern and effective methods of treatment of psoriasis is the light treatment or, as it is also called, phototherapy. There are almost no restrictions to its use. Some of its species are contraindicated during pregnancy, liver disease, psychosomatic disorders, oncology manifestations.The wave radiation is combined in this technique. Their intensity and length of the radiation are determined after the testing. At the same time the skin type, the minimum dose of exposure to ultraviolet rays is taken into account. In this way, the individual scheme of phototherapy is determined.The treatment of psoriasis is correct only if it is possible to achieve the remission. This requires 5-10 procedures. In complicated cases – up to 18. Duration of the procedure – 40 minutes. Frequency – twice a week. The effect is stunning – remission can last up to 5 years.What equipment is used in our clinic?Med Flash CS II – a modern innovative GP system. Its purpose is to alleviate the suffering of patients and treatment with elaborate cooling system. With its help the phototherapy is conducted. The goal is the removal of unwanted hair, rejuvenation, removal of acne, treatment of psoriasis and vitiligo and treatment of vascular disease.MED Flash II CS has a technologically advanced tip, with which you can perform two functions at once: get rid of skin imperfections and cooling. It makes the procedure comfortable and safe. The doctor picks up the impact of the temperature, it can be clearly seen on the display apparatus.There are 2 lamps and replacement filters included. It gives different emission spectra. This means that the ability to vary the rich range of procedures. The lamps and filters are recognized by intelligent hardware automatically. So you can immediately adapt phototherapy for any skin type.
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