Acne – is a chronic inflammatory disease of the sebaceous glands, which occurs as a result of the blockage and the increased production of skin secretions (tallow). Pimples appear as red bumps and cause soreness.

Where is better to treat acne?

Clean, beautiful, perfectly smooth skin – is the skin of the person who takes care of it every day, lives a healthy way of life,eats healthy foods, does not have bad habits and daily strives for perfection.

But, unfortunately, people who lead this lifestyle today, are very few. But the problems of the skin diseases are growing several times every year. The most common problem is acne. If you are in search, where to spend the acne treatment in Kiev, welcome to us! The”Clinic of the Instrumental Cosmetology” (CIC) will help you to get rid of this trouble. Our technology successfully combat any manifestations of acne. Before you pass the procedure, you need to consult a cosmetologist-dermatologist doctor.

Why do I get acne?

Pimples usually appear on the skin, if a person has the following states:

  • during hormonal changes (adolescence, menstruation);
  • increased production of sebum by the sebaceous glands;
  • gastrointestinal disease and dysbiosis;
  • decreased immunity;
  • stressful situations;
  • allergic conditions;
  • heredity factor;
  • seasonal and climatic changes;
  • incorrect or insufficient care for the face..

If the fat that is in the pores, is oxidized on exposure to air, the dark spots arise. When injected into the pores of the pathogenic bacteria, points are inflamed as fat and dead cells are the wholesome food environment for them. Acne appear in the problem areas more often, because it is in these areas are located most of the sebaceous glands.

Acne treatment is not possible without the establishment of the causes and precipitating factors. Previously it was thought that the high-calorie foods (eggs, chocolate, etc.) may trigger the appearance of acne. There is also a common belief that the skin contamination affected the appearance of acne . However, it was recently shown that these factors are not a direct cause.

When is it necessary to consult qualified professionals?

Acne disease in the active stage begins in adolescence, as in puberty in adolescents occur hormonal surges that cause disruptions to the sebaceous glands and skin. Acne often appears after 20 years and without treatment lasts for many years. In this case, we need to consult qualified professionals, able to determine the cause of the skin disease. They will select the most appropriate method for the treatment of acne.

Effective Acne Treatment in the Clinic of the Instrumental Cosmetology in Kyiv

Our clinic is treating acne with the help of two devices: 3 Face GP and Beautytek Premium Edition. Each technology has its differences. Let’s consider these methods separately.

Treatment of acne on the equipment 3 Face GP (Italy)

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3 Face GP is the equipment, designed and run by innovative techniques. The technology is based of high-intensity continuous action of a pulsating light (HBLM-technology). The HBLM lamp is equipped with three nozzles, one of which is intended for the treatment of acne. The wavelength of 350 nm ~ 510 provides an antibacterial effect. The procedure takes only a few minutes, but the result is noticeable after the first procedure.

Treatment of acne on 3 Face GP unit passes through a high level of free produced oxygen, and also due to the stimulating effect of light on the mechanisms of cell. Such stimulation plays a very important role in the treatment of acne and in the healing of inflamed areas. It tightens pores, restores the metabolic processes – the skin becomes clean and beautiful.

How many treatments will you need

For best results, you need to pass 6-8 procedures. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the skin. But after 2-3 treatments, you will notice that the skin has become much cleaner.

Acne treatment on the Beautytek Premium Edition (Germany)

Beautytek Premium Edition – is the machine with artificial intelligence. It combines the technology of European biocybernetics with the acupuncture therapy. The operating principle of the device is based on the effects of low-frequency small currents at the cellular level.

BeautyTek-therapy “awakens” the body’s own reserves to upgrade. It will bring the rejuvenation and recreation throughout the body. Microcurrents cope with severe rash, relieve you of scars and acne scars.

How many treatments will you need

You’ll see noticeable results in 2-3 treatments. But for best results, you will need 5-6 treatments. Already after the first sessions acne will be less noticeable, the skin is tightened. There will be no new acne as the pores are cleared using Beautytek.

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