Skin Lumps (Warts, Moles, Skin Tags) removal

More than a quarter of visits to dermatologists deal with such problems as skin tumors. This is the increase in the size or growth of abnormal skin cells, which restructured. Our clinic uses five methods for the removal of benign skin tumors.

Classical cryosurgery with liquid nitrogen

The gist of it, is that the cold affects the tumor. The degree of freezing is -50 ° C. High performance, fast procedures, democratic costs – are the main advantages of the cryosurgery.

аппарат для криодеструкции

The technique allows to avoid the formation of cicatrixes, scars. It does not always carry out the removal of warts with liquid nitrogen in a single session. Sometimes you need to re-conduct the procedure. The neoplasms type is also important. For example, the removal of warts on the soles, requires the passage of a few sessions of the multilayer structure.

Normal freezing lasts from 10 to 30 seconds. At this point, the wart becomes hard and white, and still very cold to the touch. After removing warts with nitrogen, the bubble appears in the treated site. This is perfectly normal. The bubble holds from 5 days to a week. During this time, it is reduced and after turns into crust. Once it comes at all, will be a little pink spot.

CryoPEN – cryodestruction by nitrous oxide

The degree of freezing is – 89 ° C. It is practical and the most advanced technology of cryoablation of skin formations. It allows doctors to exceed the expectations of patients: to conduct the removal of warts with liquid nitrogen.

аппарат для криодеструкции — "cryopen"

This is the perfect treatment for skin diseases. Classical cryodestruction of warts cause pain due to damage to healthy tissue. For this reason, a patient is often interrupts the procedure, and the deeper skin layers are left without an adequate treatment.

CryoPen with millimeter precision guides a thin stream of cryogenic liquid at a temperature of – 89 ° C to the tumor. It freezes only damaged tissue, creating minimal discomfort.

The removal of papillomas with nitrogen is painless, because the patient can tolerate a long deep freeze. The result is an effective treatment with fewer repeat visits. CryoPen turns the cryotherapy in an accurate and practical method of treatment.
Radiowave surgery

It is carried on “Surgitron» Machinery (Ellman International, Inc., USA). This unique method of contactless incision and coagulation of soft tissues with high frequency radio waves. It is a nontraumatic procedure, bloodless, painless and safe, as the radio waves can not carry infection. The removal of warts using “Surgitron” – 80-90%, and the probability of them again – only 2-5%.

Laser removal

It is made with a laser surgical device LHK-20-10 “Lancet 2”. Advantages of the method:

  1. prompt treatment without tissue destruction;
  2. rapid healing without seams;
  3. no pain, no postoperative pain;
  4. no bleeding and septic complications;
  5. no burns and tissue necrosis;
  6.  only the high-quality material is taken for the histological examination.

Chemo coagulation

This isthe removal of warts and other skin formations with special preparations. The method leads to necrosis of epidermal cells – to the acantholysis. Clinically it is shown as the formation of a bubble that will heal in 1-2 weeks. Efficacy of treatment is sufficiently high – 80%. The advantage – no pain, scars do not form.

бородавкаWarts, papilloma are benign skin tumors. They appear due to ingestion of a viral infection (papillomatosis pathogen). They have a the form of the knot or papilla. If the skin is damaged, it can be infected with the virus very easily.

It is enough to touch an infected person, to visit the same place – for example, the swimming pool, or to use the person’s thing. Cryodestruction of warts and papillomas removal are carried out easily, do not cause great discomfort.

Keratoma is a noncancerous skin growths with a typical dark brown color, the size of 1-2 cm. In most cases it resembles a raisin, a dent in the skin. It rises slightly above the surface of the body. Keratomas can be single and multiple.

кератозKeratosisis a group of common skin diseases. Their feature – a thickening of the horny layer of the skin. Manifestations of the keratosis are often on the hands, soles, elbows, knees. Keratosis affects the hair follicles. Patients think it’s a birthmark, and turning to the clinic for the cryoablation of moles. In this case accurate diagnosis is very important.

Molluscum contagiosum – a common disease characterized by specific solid roundish pearly papules. During the extrusion of papules, the thick creamy contents stands – it is the mollusk body of round shape.

Fibroma – is the benign skin growths consisting of mature cells of the connective tissue. The most frequent localization of fibromas is epidermis of the dermis thicker. It appears on the mucous membranes, tendon, breast, uterus.

Lentigo – are benign pigmented spots that occur due to the prolonged exposure to sunlight. Visually, it stains brown with sharp edges of round shape.

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