Exposure to the sun on your hair
Summer came, the temperature has risen, bathing resorts officially opened the season. These are the months during which our bodies under the maximum influence of the sun.Hair protectionLike skin, our hair must be protected from ultraviolet radiation. The sun, the wind and the salt makes them dry and lifeless. When the hair is unhealthy, the consequences are obvious.Have you noticed when visiting the barber, the hair is more difficult to style than usual? Did you pay attention to the dull expressionless tone? These signs inform that the structure of the hair is changing, losing silky smoothness. Measures should be taken to protect your hair tips from damage and dehydration. These tips are useful as under a beach umbrella, as well as on city streets.1. On the beach or under the sun, use oil, create a shield to the skin that guarantees moisturizing and protection. Shea butter – is a good solution. This vegetable oil extracted from the seeds of the tree Shea Butyrospermum parkii. This tall tree is known in Africa as the “tree of health”.2. Apply oil mask a couple of times a week, before washing with shampoo. Recommended products contain argan oil, palm milk and jojoba oil because they are rich in vitamins C and E.3. If you are planning a holiday in the seaside resort, within 30 days before departure, include in the diet of reinforcing additives, for example, products made from millet.4. Proper hair washing is crucial. Choose not aggressive shampoo or a special, for dull hair. Apply the product carefully, finally rinse with cold water. Give preference to natural drying. Avoid blow-drying, it is even more damaging hair.5. Remember: the hair at risk even in the city. The exposure to ultraviolet and infrared radiation lies in wait for us, even when we do not expose ourselves to their influence. Daily moisturize and nourish the hair. Get customized solutions using cleaning products, which contain aloe vera, chamomile, oats or emollients.

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